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Source code for galaxy.jobs.runners.util.external

from re import search


    ("condor", r"submitted to cluster (\d+)\."),
    ("slurm", r"Submitted batch job (\w+)"),
    ("torque", r"(.+)"),  # Default 'pattern' assumed by Galaxy code circa August 2013.

[docs]def parse_external_id(output, type=EXTERNAL_ID_TYPE_ANY): """ Attempt to parse the output of job submission commands for an external id.__doc__ >>> parse_external_id("12345.pbsmanager") '12345.pbsmanager' >>> parse_external_id('Submitted batch job 185') '185' >>> parse_external_id('Submitted batch job 185', type='torque') 'Submitted batch job 185' >>> parse_external_id('submitted to cluster 125.') '125' >>> parse_external_id('submitted to cluster 125.', type='slurm') >>> """ external_id = None for pattern_type, pattern in EXTERNAL_ID_PATTERNS: if type != EXTERNAL_ID_TYPE_ANY and type != pattern_type: continue match = search(pattern, output) if match: external_id = match.group(1) break return external_id