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Source code for galaxy.datatypes.display_applications.util

from galaxy.security.idencoding import IdEncodingHelper

[docs]def encode_dataset_user(trans, dataset, user): # encode dataset id as usual # encode user id using the dataset create time as the key dataset_hash = trans.security.encode_id(dataset.id) if user is None: user_hash = "None" else: security = IdEncodingHelper(id_secret=dataset.create_time) user_hash = security.encode_id(user.id) return dataset_hash, user_hash
[docs]def decode_dataset_user(trans, dataset_hash, user_hash): # decode dataset id as usual # decode user id using the dataset create time as the key dataset_id = trans.security.decode_id(dataset_hash) dataset = trans.sa_session.get(trans.app.model.HistoryDatasetAssociation, dataset_id) assert dataset, "Bad Dataset id provided to decode_dataset_user" if user_hash in [None, "None"]: user = None else: security = IdEncodingHelper(id_secret=dataset.create_time) user_id = security.decode_id(user_hash) user = trans.sa_session.get(trans.app.model.User, user_id) assert user, "A Bad user id was passed to decode_dataset_user" return dataset, user