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Source code for galaxy.config.schema

import logging

from galaxy.exceptions import ConfigurationError
from galaxy.util.yaml_util import ordered_load

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

    "type": "str",
    "unknown_option": False,
    "default": None,
    "desc": None,

    "type": "str",
    "required": False,
    "unknown_option": True,
    "desc": "Unknown option, may want to remove or report to Galaxy team.",

[docs]class Schema:
[docs] def __init__(self, mapping): self.app_schema = mapping
[docs] def get_app_option(self, name): try: raw_option = self.app_schema[name] except KeyError: raw_option = UNKNOWN_OPTION option = OPTION_DEFAULTS.copy() option.update(raw_option) return option
[docs]class AppSchema(Schema):
[docs] def __init__(self, schema_path, app_name): self.raw_schema = self._read_schema(schema_path) self.description = self.raw_schema.get("desc", None) app_schema = self.raw_schema["mapping"][app_name]["mapping"] self._preprocess(app_schema) super().__init__(app_schema)
def _read_schema(self, path): with open(path) as f: return ordered_load(f) def _preprocess(self, app_schema): """Populate schema collections used for app configuration.""" self._defaults = {} # {config option: default value or null} self._reloadable_options = set() # config options we can reload at runtime self._paths_to_resolve = {} # {config option: referenced config option} self._per_host_options = set() # config options that can be set using a per_host config parameter self._deprecated_aliases = {} for key, data in app_schema.items(): self._defaults[key] = data.get("default") if data.get("deprecated_alias"): self._deprecated_aliases[data.get("deprecated_alias")] = key if data.get("reloadable"): self._reloadable_options.add(key) if data.get("per_host"): resolves_to = data.get("resolves_to") if resolves_to: self._per_host_options.add(resolves_to) else: self._per_host_options.add(key) if data.get("path_resolves_to"): self._paths_to_resolve[key] = data.get("path_resolves_to") @property def defaults(self): return self._defaults @property def paths_to_resolve(self): return self._paths_to_resolve @property def reloadable_options(self): return self._reloadable_options @property def per_host_options(self): return self._per_host_options
[docs] def validate_path_resolution_graph(self): """This method is for tests only: we SHOULD validate the schema's path resolution graph as part of automated testing; but we should NOT validate it at runtime. """ def check_exists(option, key): if not option: message = ( "Invalid schema: property '{}' listed as path resolution target " "for '{}' does not exist".format(resolves_to, key) ) raise_error(message) def check_type_is_str_or_any(option, key): if option.get("type") not in ("str", "any"): message = f"Invalid schema: property '{key}' should have type 'str'" raise_error(message) def check_is_dag(): visited = set() for key in self.paths_to_resolve: visited.clear() while key: visited.add(key) key = self.app_schema[key].get("path_resolves_to") if key and key in visited: raise_error("Invalid schema: cycle detected") def raise_error(message): log.error(message) raise ConfigurationError(message) for key, resolves_to in self.paths_to_resolve.items(): print(key) parent = self.app_schema.get(resolves_to) check_exists(parent, key) check_type_is_str_or_any(parent, key) check_type_is_str_or_any(self.app_schema[key], key) check_is_dag() # must be called last: walks entire graph