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Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api

This module *does not* contain API routes. It exclusively contains dependencies to be used in FastAPI routes
from typing import (

from fastapi import (
from sqlalchemy.orm import Session

from galaxy import (
    app as galaxy_app,
from galaxy.app import UniverseApplication
from galaxy.exceptions import AdminRequiredException
from galaxy.managers.jobs import JobManager
from galaxy.managers.session import GalaxySessionManager
from galaxy.managers.users import UserManager
from galaxy.model import User
from galaxy.web.framework.decorators import require_admin_message
from galaxy.work.context import SessionRequestContext

[docs]def get_app() -> UniverseApplication: return cast(UniverseApplication, galaxy_app.app)
[docs]def get_job_manager(app: UniverseApplication = Depends(get_app)) -> JobManager: return JobManager(app=app)
[docs]def get_db(app: UniverseApplication = Depends(get_app)) -> Session: # TODO: return sqlachemy 2.0 style session without autocommit and expire_on_commit! return app.model.session
[docs]def get_user_manager(app: UniverseApplication = Depends(get_app)) -> UserManager: return UserManager(app)
[docs]def get_session_manager(app: UniverseApplication = Depends(get_app)) -> GalaxySessionManager: # TODO: find out how to adapt dependency for Galaxy/Report/TS return GalaxySessionManager(app.model)
[docs]def get_session(session_manager: GalaxySessionManager = Depends(get_session_manager), app: UniverseApplication = Depends(get_app), galaxysession: Optional[str] = Cookie(None)) -> Optional[model.GalaxySession]: if galaxysession: session_key = app.security.decode_guid(galaxysession) if session_key: return session_manager.get_session_from_session_key(session_key) # TODO: What should we do if there is no session? Since this is the API, maybe nothing is the right choice? return None
[docs]def get_api_user(user_manager: UserManager = Depends(get_user_manager), key: Optional[str] = Query(None), x_api_key: Optional[str] = Header(None)) -> Optional[User]: api_key = key or x_api_key if not api_key: return None return user_manager.by_api_key(api_key=api_key)
[docs]def get_user(galaxy_session: Optional[model.GalaxySession] = Depends(get_session), api_user: Optional[User] = Depends(get_api_user)) -> Optional[User]: if galaxy_session: return galaxy_session.user return api_user
[docs]def get_trans(app: UniverseApplication = Depends(get_app), user: Optional[User] = Depends(get_user), galaxy_session: Optional[model.GalaxySession] = Depends(get_session), ) -> SessionRequestContext: app.model.session.expunge_all() return SessionRequestContext(app=app, user=user, galaxy_session=galaxy_session)
[docs]def get_admin_user(trans: SessionRequestContext = Depends(get_trans)): if not trans.user_is_admin: raise AdminRequiredException(require_admin_message(trans.app.config, trans.user)) return trans.user