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Source code for galaxy.model.migrate.versions.0047_job_table_user_id_column

Add a user_id column to the job table.

import logging

from sqlalchemy import (

from galaxy.model.migrate.versions.util import (

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
metadata = MetaData()

[docs]def upgrade(migrate_engine): print(__doc__) metadata.bind = migrate_engine metadata.reflect() Job_table = Table("job", metadata, autoload=True) col = Column("user_id", Integer, ForeignKey("galaxy_user.id"), index=True, nullable=True) add_column(col, Job_table, metadata, index_name='ix_job_user_id') try: cmd = "SELECT job.id AS galaxy_job_id, " \ + "galaxy_session.user_id AS galaxy_user_id " \ + "FROM job " \ + "JOIN galaxy_session ON job.session_id = galaxy_session.id;" job_users = migrate_engine.execute(cmd).fetchall() print("Updating user_id column in job table for ", len(job_users), " rows...") print("") update_count = 0 for row in job_users: if row.galaxy_user_id: cmd = "UPDATE job SET user_id = %d WHERE id = %d" % (int(row.galaxy_user_id), int(row.galaxy_job_id)) update_count += 1 migrate_engine.execute(cmd) print("Updated column 'user_id' for ", update_count, " rows of table 'job'.") print(len(job_users) - update_count, " rows have no user_id since the value was NULL in the galaxy_session table.") print("") except Exception: log.exception("Updating column 'user_id' of table 'job' failed.")
[docs]def downgrade(migrate_engine): metadata.bind = migrate_engine metadata.reflect() drop_column('user_id', 'job', metadata)