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Source code for galaxy.managers.configuration

Serializers for Galaxy config file data: ConfigSerializer for all users
and a more expanded set of data for admin in AdminConfigSerializer.

Used by both the API and bootstrapped data.
# TODO: this is a bit of an odd duck. It uses the serializer structure from managers
#   but doesn't have a model like them. It might be better in config.py or a
#   totally new area, but I'm leaving it in managers for now for class consistency.
import logging
import sys

from galaxy.managers import base
from galaxy.web.framework.base import server_starttime

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ConfigSerializer(base.ModelSerializer): """Configuration (galaxy.ini) settings viewable by all users"""
[docs] def __init__(self, app): super().__init__(app) self.default_view = 'all' self.add_view('all', list(self.serializers.keys()))
[docs] def default_serializer(self, config, key): return getattr(config, key, None)
[docs] def add_serializers(self): def _defaults_to(default): return lambda config, key, **context: getattr(config, key, default) def _use_config(config, key, **context): """Let config object determine the value for key""" assert hasattr(config, key) return getattr(config, key) def _config_is_truthy(config, key, **context): return True if config.get(key) else False self.serializers = { # TODO: this is available from user data, remove 'is_admin_user' : lambda *a, **c: False, 'brand' : _use_config, 'display_galaxy_brand' : _use_config, 'logo_url' : lambda config, key, **context: self.url_for(config.get(key, '/')), 'logo_src' : lambda config, key, **context: self.url_for(config.get(key, '/static/favicon.png')), 'logo_src_secondary' : lambda config, key, **context: self.url_for(config.get(key)) if config.get(key) else None, 'terms_url' : _use_config, 'myexperiment_target_url' : _use_config, 'wiki_url' : _use_config, 'search_url' : _use_config, 'mailing_lists' : _defaults_to(self.app.config.mailing_lists_url), 'screencasts_url' : _use_config, 'citation_url' : _use_config, 'support_url' : _use_config, 'quota_url' : _use_config, 'helpsite_url' : _use_config, 'lims_doc_url' : _defaults_to("https://usegalaxy.org/u/rkchak/p/sts"), 'default_locale' : _use_config, 'enable_openid' : _use_config, 'enable_tool_recommendations' : _use_config, 'tool_recommendation_model_path' : _use_config, 'admin_tool_recommendations_path' : _use_config, 'overwrite_model_recommendations' : _use_config, 'topk_recommendations' : _use_config, 'allow_user_impersonation' : _use_config, 'allow_user_creation' : _defaults_to(False), # schema default is True 'use_remote_user' : _defaults_to(None), # schema default is False; or config.single_user 'single_user' : _config_is_truthy, 'enable_oidc' : _use_config, 'oidc' : _use_config, 'enable_quotas' : _use_config, 'remote_user_logout_href' : _use_config, 'datatypes_disable_auto' : _use_config, 'allow_user_dataset_purge' : _defaults_to(False), # schema default is True 'ga_code' : _use_config, 'enable_unique_workflow_defaults' : _use_config, 'enable_beta_markdown_export' : _use_config, 'simplified_workflow_run_ui' : _use_config, 'simplified_workflow_run_ui_target_history': _use_config, 'simplified_workflow_run_ui_job_cache': _use_config, 'has_user_tool_filters' : _defaults_to(False), # TODO: is there no 'correct' way to get an api url? controller='api', action='tools' is a hack # at any rate: the following works with path_prefix but is still brittle # TODO: change this to (more generic) upload_path and incorporate config.nginx_upload_path into building it 'nginx_upload_path' : lambda config, key, **context: getattr(config, key, False), 'chunk_upload_size' : _use_config, 'ftp_upload_site' : _use_config, 'version_major' : _defaults_to(None), 'version_minor' : _defaults_to(None), 'require_login' : _use_config, 'inactivity_box_content' : _use_config, 'visualizations_visible' : _use_config, 'interactivetools_enable' : _use_config, 'aws_estimate' : _use_config, 'message_box_content' : _use_config, 'message_box_visible' : _use_config, 'message_box_class' : _use_config, 'server_startttime' : lambda config, key, **context: server_starttime, 'mailing_join_addr' : _defaults_to('galaxy-announce-join@bx.psu.edu'), # should this be the schema default? 'server_mail_configured' : lambda config, key, **context: bool(config.smtp_server), 'registration_warning_message' : _use_config, 'welcome_url' : _use_config, 'show_welcome_with_login' : _defaults_to(True), # schema default is False 'cookie_domain' : _use_config, 'python' : _defaults_to((sys.version_info.major, sys.version_info.minor)), 'select_type_workflow_threshold' : _use_config, 'file_sources_configured' : lambda config, key, **context: self.app.file_sources.custom_sources_configured, 'upload_from_form_button' : _use_config, 'release_doc_base_url' : _use_config, 'user_library_import_dir_available' : lambda config, key, **context: bool(config.get('user_library_import_dir')), }
[docs]class AdminConfigSerializer(ConfigSerializer): """Configuration attributes viewable only by admin users"""
[docs] def add_serializers(self): super().add_serializers() def _defaults_to(default): return lambda config, key, **context: getattr(config, key, default) self.serializers.update({ # TODO: this is available from user serialization: remove 'is_admin_user' : lambda *a: True, 'library_import_dir' : _defaults_to(None), 'user_library_import_dir' : _defaults_to(None), 'allow_library_path_paste' : _defaults_to(False), 'allow_user_deletion' : _defaults_to(False), })