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from base64 import b64decode
from typing import (
from urllib.parse import unquote

from pydantic import BaseModel
from starlette.requests import Request as StartletteRequest

from galaxy import exceptions
from galaxy.auth import AuthManager
from galaxy.managers.api_keys import ApiKeyManager
from galaxy.managers.users import UserManager
from galaxy.util import (
from galaxy.web.framework.base import Request as GxRequest

Request = Union[GxRequest, StartletteRequest]

[docs]class APIKeyResponse(BaseModel): api_key: str
[docs]class AuthenticationService:
[docs] def __init__(self, user_manager: UserManager, auth_manager: AuthManager, api_keys_manager: ApiKeyManager): self._user_manager = user_manager self._auth_manager = auth_manager self._api_keys_manager = api_keys_manager
[docs] def get_api_key(self, environ: Dict[str, Any], request: Request) -> APIKeyResponse: auth_header = environ.get("HTTP_AUTHORIZATION") identity, password = self._decode_baseauth(auth_header) # check if this is an email address or username user = self._user_manager.get_user_by_identity(identity) if not user: raise exceptions.ObjectNotFound("The user does not exist.") is_valid_user = self._auth_manager.check_password(user, password, request) if is_valid_user: key = self._api_keys_manager.get_or_create_api_key(user) return APIKeyResponse(api_key=key) else: raise exceptions.AuthenticationFailed("Invalid password.")
def _decode_baseauth(self, encoded_str: Optional[Any]) -> Tuple[str, str]: """ Decode an encrypted HTTP basic authentication string. Returns a tuple of the form (email, password), and raises a HTTPBadRequest exception if nothing could be decoded. :param encoded_str: BaseAuth string encoded base64 :type encoded_str: string :returns: email of the user :rtype: string :returns: password of the user :rtype: string :raises: HTTPBadRequest """ if encoded_str is None: raise exceptions.RequestParameterInvalidException("Authentication is missing") split = str(encoded_str).strip().split(" ") # If split is only one element, try to decode the email and password # directly. if len(split) == 1: try: email, password = unicodify(b64decode(smart_str(split[0]))).split(":") except Exception as e: raise exceptions.ActionInputError(e) # If there are only two elements, check the first and ensure it says # 'basic' so that we know we're about to decode the right thing. If not, # bail out. elif len(split) == 2: if split[0].strip().lower() == "basic": try: email, password = unicodify(b64decode(smart_str(split[1]))).split(":") except Exception: raise exceptions.ActionInputError("Invalid authorization line") else: raise exceptions.ActionInputError("Invalid authorization line") # If there are more than 2 elements, something crazy must be happening. # Bail. else: raise exceptions.ActionInputError("Invalid authorization line - more than two entries") return unquote(email), unquote(password)