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Source code for galaxy.tools.actions.data_manager

import logging

from . import DefaultToolAction

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class DataManagerToolAction(DefaultToolAction): """Tool action used for Data Manager Tools"""
[docs] def execute(self, tool, trans, **kwds): rval = super().execute(tool, trans, **kwds) if isinstance(rval, tuple) and len(rval) >= 2 and isinstance(rval[0], trans.app.model.Job): assoc = trans.app.model.DataManagerJobAssociation(job=rval[0], data_manager_id=tool.data_manager_id) trans.sa_session.add(assoc) trans.sa_session.flush() else: log.error(f"Got bad return value from DefaultToolAction.execute(): {rval}") return rval