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Source code for galaxy.jobs.runners.util.pykube_util

"""Interface layer for pykube library shared between Galaxy and Pulsar."""
import os
import uuid

    from pykube.config import KubeConfig
    from pykube.http import HTTPClient
    from pykube.objects import (
except ImportError as exc:
    KubeConfig = None
    Job = None
    Pod = None
    K8S_IMPORT_MESSAGE = ('The Python pykube package is required to use '
                          'this feature, please install it or correct the '
                          'following error:\nImportError %s' % str(exc))


[docs]def ensure_pykube(): if KubeConfig is None: raise Exception(K8S_IMPORT_MESSAGE)
[docs]def pykube_client_from_dict(params): if "k8s_use_service_account" in params and params["k8s_use_service_account"]: pykube_client = HTTPClient(KubeConfig.from_service_account()) else: config_path = params.get("k8s_config_path") if config_path is None: config_path = os.environ.get('KUBECONFIG', None) if config_path is None: config_path = '~/.kube/config' pykube_client = HTTPClient(KubeConfig.from_file(config_path)) return pykube_client
[docs]def produce_unique_k8s_job_name(app_prefix=None, instance_id=None, job_id=None): if job_id is None: job_id = str(uuid.uuid4()) job_name = "" if app_prefix: job_name += "%s-" % app_prefix if instance_id and len(instance_id) > 0: job_name += "%s-" % instance_id return job_name + job_id
[docs]def pull_policy(params): # If this doesn't validate it returns None, that seems odd? if "k8s_pull_policy" in params: if params['k8s_pull_policy'] in ["Always", "IfNotPresent", "Never"]: return params['k8s_pull_policy'] return None
[docs]def job_object_dict(params, job_name, spec): k8s_job_obj = { "apiVersion": params.get('k8s_job_api_version', DEFAULT_JOB_API_VERSION), "kind": "Job", "metadata": { # metadata.name is the name of the pod resource created, and must be unique # http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/configuring-containers/ "name": job_name, "namespace": params.get('k8s_namespace', DEFAULT_NAMESPACE), "labels": {"app": job_name} }, "spec": spec, } return k8s_job_obj
__all__ = ( "DEFAULT_JOB_API_VERSION", "ensure_pykube", "Job", "job_object_dict", "Pod", "produce_unique_k8s_job_name", "pull_policy", "pykube_client_from_dict", )