January 2019 Galaxy Release (v 19.01)

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Revised UI Style

The Galaxy styling has been substantially reworked resulting in the largest visual refresh to Galaxy in years. It should provide a much cleaner and more consistent interface.

Revised UI style cleans up the UI to be more consistent and clear

More Colourful Tags

Whenever you use dataset name tags (#tag), they will randomly be assigned a color. The colors are consistent; anywhere that tag with the same text appears in your history, it will have the same color. This should increase visual distinction between similarly shaped words, making it easier to track data flow in complex analyses.

Tags are now randomly assigned a consistent colour, helping you to distinguish between similarly shaped words.

Extensive Workflow Enhancements

The workflow editor now features new tool-like inputs which provide non-file data (such as numbers, text, true/false, colors) which can be connected to tool inputs. You are no longer restricted to only using files as inputs to tools!

Workflow inputs are available at the top of the workflow editor menu, under "Inputs"

The workflow editor allows you to specify that specific inputs should be exposed, and can thus be connected to the new workflow inputs.

The new inputs can be assigned a data type

New Help Site

There’s a new discussion forum to replace Biostars. It is accessible under the ‘Help’ menu on some Galaxies, or at https://help.galaxyproject.org

Galaxy's new help forum which replaces biostars

New Visualizations

Aequatus visualisation plugin has been released which allows visualisation of gene alignments and gene family aggregations.

The Aequatus visualization allows analyzing gene family alignments

New Datatypes

Builtin Tool Updates

Release Notes

Please see the full release notes for more details.

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