Condor helper utilities.'submit_', **kwds)[source], output, error, user_log, query_params)[source]

Build up the contents of a condor submit description file.

>>> submit_args = dict(executable='/path/to/script', output='o', error='e', user_log='ul')
>>> submit_args['query_params'] = dict()
>>> default_description = build_submit_description(**submit_args)
>>> assert 'executable = /path/to/script' in default_description
>>> assert 'output = o' in default_description
>>> assert 'error = e' in default_description
>>> assert 'queue' in default_description
>>> assert 'universe = vanilla' in default_description
>>> assert 'universe = standard' not in default_description
>>> submit_args['query_params'] = dict(universe='standard')
>>> std_description = build_submit_description(**submit_args)
>>> assert 'universe = vanilla' not in std_description
>>> assert 'universe = standard' in std_description[source]

Submit a condor job described by the given file. Parse an external id for the submission or return None and a reason for the failure.[source]

Stop running condor job and return a failure_message if this fails., external_id)[source]