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Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api.trs_consumer

"""Proxy requests to GA4GH TRS servers (e.g. Dockstore).

Information on TRS can be found at https://github.com/ga4gh/tool-registry-service-schemas.

from galaxy.web import expose_api
from galaxy.workflow.trs_proxy import TrsProxy
from . import (

[docs]class TrsConsumeAPIController(BaseGalaxyAPIController): """Controller for TRS proxying.""" _trs_proxy: TrsProxy = depends(TrsProxy)
[docs] @expose_api def get_servers(self, trans, *args, **kwd): return self._trs_proxy.get_servers()
[docs] @expose_api def get_tool(self, trans, *args, **kwd): return self._trs_proxy.get_server(kwd.pop("trs_server")).get_tool(**kwd)
[docs] @expose_api def get_versions(self, trans, *args, **kwd): return self._trs_proxy.get_server(kwd.pop("trs_server")).get_versions(**kwd)
[docs] @expose_api def get_version(self, trans, *args, **kwd): return self._trs_proxy.get_server(kwd.pop("trs_server")).get_version(**kwd)