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Source code for galaxy.tool_util.toolbox.views.definitions

from enum import Enum
from typing import (

from pydantic import (
from typing_extensions import (

[docs]class StaticToolBoxViewTypeEnum(str, Enum): generic = "generic" activity = "activity" publication = "publication" training = "training"
[docs]class ExcludeTool(BaseModel): tool_id: str
[docs]class ExcludeToolRegex(BaseModel): tool_id_regex: str
[docs]class ExcludeTypes(BaseModel): types: List[str]
Exclusions = Union[ ExcludeTool, ExcludeToolRegex, ExcludeTypes, ] OptionalExclusionList = Annotated[Optional[List[Exclusions]], Field(None)]
[docs]class Tool(BaseModel): content_type: Literal["tool"] = Field("tool", alias="type") id: str model_config = ConfigDict(populate_by_name=True)
[docs]class Label(BaseModel): content_type: Literal["label"] = Field(alias="type", default="label") id: Optional[str] = None text: str model_config = ConfigDict(populate_by_name=True)
[docs]class LabelShortcut(BaseModel): content_type: Literal["simple_label"] = "simple_label" label: str
[docs]class Workflow(BaseModel): content_type: Literal["workflow"] = Field(alias="type", default="workflow") id: str model_config = ConfigDict(populate_by_name=True)
[docs]class ItemsFrom(BaseModel): content_type: Literal["items_from"] = "items_from" items_from: str excludes: OptionalExclusionList
SectionContent = Union[ Tool, Label, LabelShortcut, Workflow, ItemsFrom, ]
[docs]class HasItems: items: Optional[List[Any]] @property def items_expanded(self) -> Optional[List["ExpandedRootContent"]]: if self.items is None: return None # replace SectionAliases with individual SectionAlias objects # replace LabelShortcuts with Labels items: List[ExpandedRootContent] = [] for item in self.items: item = cast(RootContent, item) if isinstance(item, SectionAliases): for section in item.sections: section_alias = SectionAlias( section=section, excludes=item.excludes, ) items.append(section_alias) elif isinstance(item, LabelShortcut): new_item = Label( id=None, text=item.label, content_type="label", ) items.append(new_item) else: items.append(item) return items
[docs]class Section(BaseModel, HasItems): content_type: Literal["section"] = Field(alias="type") id: Optional[str] = None name: Optional[str] = None items: Optional[List[SectionContent]] = None excludes: OptionalExclusionList model_config = ConfigDict(populate_by_name=True)
[docs]class SectionAlias(BaseModel): content_type: Literal["section_alias"] = "section_alias" section: str excludes: OptionalExclusionList = None
[docs]class SectionAliases(BaseModel): content_type: Literal["section_aliases"] = "section_aliases" sections: List[str] excludes: OptionalExclusionList = None
RootContent = Union[ Section, SectionAlias, SectionAliases, Tool, Label, LabelShortcut, Workflow, ItemsFrom, ] ExpandedRootContent = Union[ Section, SectionAlias, Tool, Label, Workflow, ItemsFrom, ]
[docs]class StaticToolBoxView(BaseModel, HasItems): id: str name: str description: Optional[str] = None view_type: StaticToolBoxViewTypeEnum = Field(alias="type") items: Optional[List[RootContent]] = None # if empty, use integrated tool panel excludes: OptionalExclusionList
[docs] @staticmethod def from_dict(as_dict): return StaticToolBoxView(**as_dict)
model_config = ConfigDict(populate_by_name=True)