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Source code for galaxy.util.sqlite

import re
import sqlite3

    import sqlparse

    def is_read_only_query(query):
        statements = sqlparse.parse(query)
        for statement in statements:
            if statement.get_type() != "SELECT":
                return False
        return True

except ImportError:
    # Without sqlparse we use a very weak regex check
[docs] def is_read_only_query(query): if re.match("select ", query, re.IGNORECASE): if re.search('^([^"]|"[^"]*")*?;', query) or re.search("^([^']|'[^']*')*?;", query): return False else: return True return False
[docs]def connect(path): connection = sqlite3.connect(path) connection.row_factory = sqlite3.Row return connection