Source code for galaxy.schema.tasks

from typing import Optional

from pydantic import (

from .schema import (
from ..schema import PdfDocumentType

[docs]class SetupHistoryExportJob(BaseModel): history_id: int job_id: int store_directory: str include_files: bool include_hidden: bool include_deleted: bool
[docs]class PrepareDatasetCollectionDownload(BaseModel): short_term_storage_request_id: str history_dataset_collection_association_id: int
[docs]class GeneratePdfDownload(BaseModel): short_term_storage_request_id: str # basic markdown - Galaxy directives need to be processed before handing off to this task basic_markdown: str document_type: PdfDocumentType
# serialize user info for tasks
[docs]class RequestUser(BaseModel): user_id: int
# TODO: allow make the above optional and allow a session_id for anonymous users... # session_id: Optional[str]
[docs]class GenerateHistoryDownload(StoreExportPayload): history_id: int short_term_storage_request_id: str user: RequestUser
[docs]class GenerateHistoryContentDownload(StoreExportPayload): content_type: HistoryContentType content_id: int short_term_storage_request_id: str user: RequestUser
[docs]class GenerateInvocationDownload(StoreExportPayload): invocation_id: int short_term_storage_request_id: str user: RequestUser
[docs]class WriteInvocationTo(WriteStoreToPayload): invocation_id: int user: RequestUser
[docs]class WriteHistoryContentTo(WriteStoreToPayload): content_type: HistoryContentType content_id: int user: RequestUser
[docs]class WriteHistoryTo(WriteStoreToPayload): history_id: int user: RequestUser
[docs]class ImportModelStoreTaskRequest(BaseModel): user: RequestUser history_id: Optional[int] source_uri: str for_library: bool model_store_format: Optional[ModelStoreFormat]
[docs]class MaterializeDatasetInstanceTaskRequest(BaseModel): history_id: int user: RequestUser source: DatasetSourceType = Field( None, title="Source", description="The source of the content. Can be other history element to be copied or library elements.", ) content: int = Field( None, title="Content", description=( "Depending on the `source` it can be:\n" "- The encoded id of the source library dataset\n" "- The encoded id of the the HDA\n" ), )