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Source code for galaxy.model.dataset_collections.registry

from galaxy import model
from .types import (

PLUGIN_CLASSES = [list.ListDatasetCollectionType, paired.PairedDatasetCollectionType]

[docs]class DatasetCollectionTypesRegistry:
[docs] def __init__(self): self.__plugins = {p.collection_type: p() for p in PLUGIN_CLASSES}
[docs] def get(self, plugin_type): return self.__plugins[plugin_type]
[docs] def prototype(self, plugin_type): plugin_type_object = self.get(plugin_type) if not hasattr(plugin_type_object, 'prototype_elements'): raise Exception("Cannot pre-determine structure for collection of type %s" % plugin_type) dataset_collection = model.DatasetCollection() for e in plugin_type_object.prototype_elements(): e.collection = dataset_collection return dataset_collection
DATASET_COLLECTION_TYPES_REGISTRY = DatasetCollectionTypesRegistry()