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Source code for galaxy.managers.tools

import logging
from uuid import uuid4

from sqlalchemy import sql

from galaxy import exceptions
from galaxy import model
from galaxy.exceptions import DuplicatedIdentifierException
from .base import ModelManager
from .executables import artifact_class

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class DynamicToolManager(ModelManager): """ Manages dynamic tools stored in Galaxy's database. """ model_class = model.DynamicTool
[docs] def __init__(self, app): super().__init__(app)
[docs] def get_tool_by_uuid(self, uuid): dynamic_tool = self._one_or_none( self.query().filter(self.model_class.uuid == uuid) ) return dynamic_tool
[docs] def get_tool_by_tool_id(self, tool_id): dynamic_tool = self._one_or_none( self.query().filter(self.model_class.tool_id == tool_id) ) return dynamic_tool
[docs] def get_tool_by_id(self, object_id): dynamic_tool = self._one_or_none( self.query().filter(self.model_class.id == object_id) ) return dynamic_tool
[docs] def create_tool(self, trans, tool_payload, allow_load=True): src = tool_payload.get("src", "representation") is_path = src == "from_path" if is_path: tool_format, representation, object_id = artifact_class(None, tool_payload) else: assert src == "representation" if "representation" not in tool_payload: raise exceptions.ObjectAttributeMissingException( "A tool 'representation' is required." ) representation = tool_payload["representation"] if "class" not in representation: raise exceptions.ObjectAttributeMissingException( "Current tool representations require 'class'." ) enable_beta_formats = getattr(self.app.config, "enable_beta_tool_formats", False) if not enable_beta_formats: raise exceptions.ConfigDoesNotAllowException("Set 'enable_beta_tool_formats' in Galaxy config to create dynamic tools.") tool_format = representation["class"] tool_directory = tool_payload.get("tool_directory", None) tool_path = None if tool_format == "GalaxyTool": uuid = tool_payload.get("uuid", None) if uuid is None: uuid = uuid4() tool_id = representation.get("id", None) if tool_id is None: tool_id = str(uuid) tool_version = representation.get("version", None) value = representation else: raise Exception("Unknown tool type encountered.") # TODO: enforce via DB constraint and catch appropriate # exception. existing_tool = self.get_tool_by_uuid(uuid) if existing_tool is not None and not allow_load: raise DuplicatedIdentifierException(existing_tool.id) elif existing_tool: dynamic_tool = existing_tool else: dynamic_tool = self.create( tool_format=tool_format, tool_id=tool_id, tool_version=tool_version, tool_path=tool_path, tool_directory=tool_directory, uuid=uuid, value=value, ) self.app.toolbox.load_dynamic_tool(dynamic_tool) return dynamic_tool
[docs] def list_tools(self, active=True): return self.query().filter(self.model_class.active == active)
[docs] def deactivate(self, dynamic_tool): self.update(dynamic_tool, {"active": False}) return dynamic_tool
[docs]class ToolFilterMixin:
[docs] def create_tool_filter(self, attr, op, val): def _create_tool_filter(model_class=None): if op == 'eq': cond = model.Job.table.c.tool_id == val elif op == 'contains': cond = model.Job.table.c.tool_id.contains(val, autoescape=True) else: self.raise_filter_err(attr, op, val, 'bad op in filter') if model_class is model.HistoryDatasetAssociation: return sql.expression.and_( model.Job.table.c.id == model.JobToOutputDatasetAssociation.table.c.job_id, model.HistoryDatasetAssociation.table.c.id == model.JobToOutputDatasetAssociation.table.c.dataset_id, cond ) elif model_class is model.HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociation: return sql.expression.and_( model.Job.id == model.JobToOutputDatasetAssociation.job_id, model.JobToOutputDatasetAssociation.dataset_id == model.DatasetCollectionElement.hda_id, model.DatasetCollectionElement.dataset_collection_id == model.HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociation.collection_id, cond, ) else: return True return _create_tool_filter
def _add_parsers(self): self.orm_filter_parsers.update({ 'tool_id': self.create_tool_filter, })