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Source code for galaxy.jobs.runners.slurm

SLURM job control via the DRMAA API.
import os
import re
import shutil
import tempfile
import time

from galaxy import model
from galaxy.jobs.runners.drmaa import DRMAAJobRunner
from galaxy.util import commands
from galaxy.util.custom_logging import get_logger

log = get_logger(__name__)

__all__ = ('SlurmJobRunner', )

# Error message printed to job stderr when SLURM itself kills a job.
# See src/common/slurm_jobacct_gather.c and src/slurmd/slurmd/req.c in
# https://github.com/SchedMD/slurm/
SLURM_MEMORY_LIMIT_EXCEEDED_MSG = 'slurmstepd: error: Exceeded job memory limit'
# Warning messages which may be printed to job stderr by SLURM after termination
# of a job step when using the cgroup task plugin. The exceeded memory is not
# always the cause of the step termination, which can be successful.
# See src/plugins/task/cgroup/task_cgroup_memory.c in
# https://github.com/SchedMD/slurm/
SLURM_MEMORY_LIMIT_EXCEEDED_PARTIAL_WARNINGS = [': Exceeded job memory limit at some point.',
                                                ': Exceeded step memory limit at some point.']
SLURM_MEMORY_LIMIT_SCAN_SIZE = 16 * 1024 * 1024  # 16MB
SLURM_CGROUP_RE = re.compile(r"""slurmstepd: .*cgroup.*$""")

# These messages are returned to the user
OUT_OF_MEMORY_MSG = 'This job was terminated because it used more memory than it was allocated.'
PROBABLY_OUT_OF_MEMORY_MSG = 'This job was cancelled probably because it used more memory than it was allocated.'

[docs]class SlurmJobRunner(DRMAAJobRunner): runner_name = "SlurmRunner" restrict_job_name_length = False def _complete_terminal_job(self, ajs, drmaa_state, **kwargs): def _get_slurm_state_with_sacct(job_id, cluster): cmd = ['sacct', '-n', '-o', 'state%-32'] if cluster: cmd.extend(['-M', cluster]) cmd.extend(['-j', job_id]) try: stdout = commands.execute(cmd) except commands.CommandLineException as e: if e.stderr.strip() == 'SLURM accounting storage is disabled': log.warning('SLURM accounting storage is not properly configured, unable to run sacct') return raise e # First line is for 'job_id' # Second line is for 'job_id.batch' (only available after the batch job is complete) # Following lines are for the steps 'job_id.0', 'job_id.1', ... (but Galaxy does not use steps) first_line = stdout.splitlines()[0] # Strip whitespaces and the final '+' (if present), only return the first word return first_line.strip().rstrip('+').split()[0] def _get_slurm_state(): cmd = ['scontrol', '-o'] if '.' in ajs.job_id: # custom slurm-drmaa-with-cluster-support job id syntax job_id, cluster = ajs.job_id.split('.', 1) cmd.extend(['-M', cluster]) else: job_id = ajs.job_id cluster = None cmd.extend(['show', 'job', job_id]) try: stdout = commands.execute(cmd).strip() except commands.CommandLineException as e: if e.stderr == 'slurm_load_jobs error: Invalid job id specified\n': # The job may be old, try to get its state with sacct job_state = _get_slurm_state_with_sacct(job_id, cluster) if job_state: return job_state return 'NOT_FOUND' raise e # stdout is a single line in format "key1=value1 key2=value2 ..." job_info_keys = [] job_info_values = [] for job_info in stdout.split(): try: # Some value may contain `=` (e.g. `StdIn=StdIn=/dev/null`) k, v = job_info.split('=', 1) job_info_keys.append(k) job_info_values.append(v) except ValueError: # Some value may contain spaces (e.g. `Comment=** time_limit (60m) min_nodes (1) **`) job_info_values[-1] += ' ' + job_info job_info_dict = dict(zip(job_info_keys, job_info_values)) return job_info_dict['JobState'] try: if drmaa_state == self.drmaa_job_states.FAILED: slurm_state = _get_slurm_state() sleep = 1 while slurm_state == 'COMPLETING': log.debug('(%s/%s) Waiting %s seconds for failed job to exit COMPLETING state for post-mortem', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id, sleep) time.sleep(sleep) sleep *= 2 if sleep > 64: ajs.fail_message = "This job failed and the system timed out while trying to determine the cause of the failure." break slurm_state = _get_slurm_state() if slurm_state == 'NOT_FOUND': log.warning('(%s/%s) Job not found, assuming job check exceeded MinJobAge and completing as successful', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id) drmaa_state = self.drmaa_job_states.DONE elif slurm_state == 'COMPLETED': log.debug("(%s/%s) SLURM reported job success, assuming job check exceeded MinJobAge and completing as successful", ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id) drmaa_state = self.drmaa_job_states.DONE elif slurm_state == 'TIMEOUT': log.info('(%s/%s) Job hit walltime', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id) ajs.fail_message = "This job was terminated because it ran longer than the maximum allowed job run time." ajs.runner_state = ajs.runner_states.WALLTIME_REACHED elif slurm_state == 'NODE_FAIL': log.warning('(%s/%s) Job failed due to node failure, attempting resubmission', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id) ajs.job_wrapper.change_state(model.Job.states.QUEUED, info='Job was resubmitted due to node failure') try: self.queue_job(ajs.job_wrapper) return except Exception: ajs.fail_message = "This job failed due to a cluster node failure, and an attempt to resubmit the job failed." elif slurm_state == 'OUT_OF_MEMORY': log.info('(%s/%s) Job hit memory limit (SLURM state: OUT_OF_MEMORY)', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id) ajs.fail_message = OUT_OF_MEMORY_MSG ajs.runner_state = ajs.runner_states.MEMORY_LIMIT_REACHED elif slurm_state == 'CANCELLED': # Check to see if the job was killed for exceeding memory consumption check_memory_limit_msg = self.__check_memory_limit(ajs.error_file) if check_memory_limit_msg: log.info('(%s/%s) Job hit memory limit (SLURM state: CANCELLED)', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id) ajs.fail_message = check_memory_limit_msg ajs.runner_state = ajs.runner_states.MEMORY_LIMIT_REACHED else: log.info('(%s/%s) Job was cancelled via SLURM (e.g. with scancel(1))', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id) ajs.fail_message = "This job failed because it was cancelled by an administrator." elif slurm_state in ('PENDING', 'RUNNING'): log.warning('(%s/%s) Job was reported by drmaa as terminal but job state in SLURM is: %s, returning to monitor queue', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id, slurm_state) return True else: log.warning('(%s/%s) Job failed due to unknown reasons, job state in SLURM was: %s', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id, slurm_state) ajs.fail_message = "This job failed for reasons that could not be determined." if drmaa_state == self.drmaa_job_states.FAILED: ajs.fail_message += '\nPlease click the bug icon to report this problem if you need help.' ajs.stop_job = False self.work_queue.put((self.fail_job, ajs)) return if drmaa_state == self.drmaa_job_states.DONE: with open(ajs.error_file) as rfh: _remove_spurious_top_lines(rfh, ajs) with open(ajs.error_file, 'r+') as f: if os.path.getsize(ajs.error_file) > SLURM_MEMORY_LIMIT_SCAN_SIZE: f.seek(-SLURM_MEMORY_LIMIT_SCAN_SIZE, os.SEEK_END) f.readline() pos = f.tell() lines = f.readlines() f.seek(pos) for line in lines: stripped_line = line.strip() if any(_ in stripped_line for _ in SLURM_MEMORY_LIMIT_EXCEEDED_PARTIAL_WARNINGS): log.debug('(%s/%s) Job completed, removing SLURM exceeded memory warning: "%s"', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id, stripped_line) else: f.write(line) f.truncate() except Exception: log.exception('(%s/%s) Failure in SLURM _complete_terminal_job(), job final state will be: %s', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id, drmaa_state) # by default, finish the job with the state from drmaa return super()._complete_terminal_job(ajs, drmaa_state=drmaa_state) def __check_memory_limit(self, efile_path): """ A very poor implementation of tail, but it doesn't need to be fancy since we are only searching the last 2K """ try: log.debug('Checking %s for exceeded memory message from SLURM', efile_path) with open(efile_path) as f: if os.path.getsize(efile_path) > 2048: f.seek(-2048, os.SEEK_END) f.readline() for line in f.readlines(): stripped_line = line.strip() if stripped_line == SLURM_MEMORY_LIMIT_EXCEEDED_MSG: return OUT_OF_MEMORY_MSG elif any(_ in stripped_line for _ in SLURM_MEMORY_LIMIT_EXCEEDED_PARTIAL_WARNINGS): return PROBABLY_OUT_OF_MEMORY_MSG except Exception: log.exception('Error reading end of %s:', efile_path) return False
def _remove_spurious_top_lines(rfh, ajs, maxlines=3): bad = [] putback = None for _ in range(maxlines): line = rfh.readline() log.trace('checking line: %s', line) for pattern in SLURM_TOP_WARNING_RES: if pattern.match(line): bad.append(line) # found a match, stop checking REs and check next line break else: if bad: # no match found on this line so line is now a good line, but previous bad lines are found, so it needs to be put back putback = line # no match on this line, stop looking break # check next line if bad: with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile('w', delete=False) as wfh: if putback is not None: wfh.write(putback) shutil.copyfileobj(rfh, wfh) wf_name = wfh.name shutil.move(wf_name, ajs.error_file) for line in bad: log.debug('(%s/%s) Job completed, removing SLURM spurious warning: "%s"', ajs.job_wrapper.get_id_tag(), ajs.job_id, line)