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Source code for galaxy.model.orm.engine_factory

import logging
import time

from sqlalchemy import create_engine, event
from sqlalchemy.engine import Engine

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def build_engine(url, engine_options, database_query_profiling_proxy=False, trace_logger=None, slow_query_log_threshold=0, thread_local_log=None): # Should we use the logging proxy? if database_query_profiling_proxy: import galaxy.model.orm.logging_connection_proxy as logging_connection_proxy proxy = logging_connection_proxy.LoggingProxy() # If metlog is enabled, do micrologging elif trace_logger: import galaxy.model.orm.logging_connection_proxy as logging_connection_proxy proxy = logging_connection_proxy.TraceLoggerProxy(trace_logger) else: proxy = None if slow_query_log_threshold or thread_local_log: @event.listens_for(Engine, "before_execute") def before_execute(conn, clauseelement, multiparams, params): conn.info.setdefault('query_start_time', []).append(time.time()) @event.listens_for(Engine, "after_cursor_execute") def after_cursor_execute(conn, cursor, statement, parameters, context, executemany): total = time.time() - conn.info['query_start_time'].pop(-1) if total > slow_query_log_threshold: log.debug("Slow query: %f(s)\n%s\nParameters: %s" % (total, statement, parameters)) if thread_local_log is not None: try: if thread_local_log.log: log.debug("Request query: %f(s)\n%s\nParameters: %s" % (total, statement, parameters)) except AttributeError: pass # Create the database engine engine = create_engine(url, proxy=proxy, **engine_options) return engine