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Source code for galaxy.containers.docker

Interface to Docker
from __future__ import absolute_import

import logging

from six import string_types
from six.moves import shlex_quote

from galaxy.containers import ContainerInterface
from galaxy.containers.docker_decorators import docker_columns, docker_json
from galaxy.containers.docker_model import DockerContainer
from galaxy.exceptions import ContainerCLIError, ContainerImageNotFound, ContainerNotFound

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class DockerInterface(ContainerInterface): container_class = DockerContainer conf_defaults = { 'host': None, 'force_tlsverify': False, 'image': None, 'cpus': None, 'memory': None, } option_map = { # `run` options 'environment': {'flag': '--env', 'type': 'list_of_kvpairs'}, 'volumes': {'flag': '--volume', 'type': 'docker_volumes'}, 'name': {'flag': '--name', 'type': 'string'}, 'detach': {'flag': '--detach', 'type': 'boolean'}, 'publish_all_ports': {'flag': '--publish-all', 'type': 'boolean'}, 'publish_port_random': {'flag': '--publish', 'type': 'string'}, 'cpus': {'flag': '--cpus', 'type': 'string'}, 'memory': {'flag': '--memory', 'type': 'string'}, }
[docs] def run_in_container(self, command, image=None, **kwopts): for opt in ('cpus', 'memory'): if self._conf[opt]: kwopts[opt] = self._conf[opt] self.set_kwopts_name(kwopts) return self.run(command, image=image, **kwopts)
[docs] def image_repodigest(self, image): """Get the digest image string for an image. :type image: str :param image: image id or image name and optionally, tag :returns: digest string, having the format `<name>@<hash_alg>:<digest>`, e.g.: `'bgruening/docker-jupyter-notebook@sha256:3ec0bc9abc9d511aa602ee4fff2534d80dd9b1564482de52cb5de36cce6debae'` or, the original image name if the digest cannot be determined (the image has not been pulled) """ try: inspect = self.image_inspect(image) return inspect[0]['RepoDigests'][0] except ContainerImageNotFound: return image
@property def host(self): return self._conf.host
[docs]class DockerCLIInterface(DockerInterface): container_type = 'docker_cli' conf_defaults = { 'command_template': '{executable} {global_kwopts} {subcommand} {args}', 'executable': 'docker', }
[docs] def validate_config(self): super(DockerCLIInterface, self).validate_config() global_kwopts = [] if self._conf.host: global_kwopts.append('--host') global_kwopts.append(shlex_quote(self._conf.host)) if self._conf.force_tlsverify: global_kwopts.append('--tlsverify') self._docker_command = self._conf['command_template'].format( executable=self._conf['executable'], global_kwopts=' '.join(global_kwopts), subcommand='{subcommand}', args='{args}' )
def _stringify_kwopt_docker_volumes(self, flag, val): """The docker API will take a volumes argument in many formats, try to deal with that for the command line """ l = [] if isinstance(val, list): # ['/host/vol'] l = val else: for hostvol, guestopts in val.items(): if isinstance(guestopts, string_types): # {'/host/vol': '/container/vol'} l.append('{}:{}'.format(hostvol, guestopts)) else: # {'/host/vol': {'bind': '/container/vol'}} # {'/host/vol': {'bind': '/container/vol', 'mode': 'rw'}} mode = guestopts.get('mode', '') l.append('{vol}:{bind}{mode}'.format( vol=hostvol, bind=guestopts['bind'], mode=':' + mode if mode else '' )) return self._stringify_kwopt_list(flag, l) @property def _default_image(self): assert self._conf.image is not None, "No default image for this docker interface" return self._conf.image def _run_docker(self, subcommand, args=None, verbose=False): command = self._docker_command.format(subcommand=subcommand, args=args or '') return self._run_command(command, verbose=verbose) # # docker subcommands (reimplement in API class) #
[docs] @docker_columns def ps(self, container_id): return self._run_docker(subcommand='ps', args=container_id)
[docs] def run(self, command, image=None, **kwopts): args = '{kwopts} {image} {command}'.format( kwopts=self._stringify_kwopts(kwopts), image=image or self._default_image, command=command if command else '' ).strip() container_id = self._run_docker(subcommand='run', args=args, verbose=True) return DockerContainer.from_id(self, container_id)
[docs] @docker_json def inspect(self, container_id): try: return self._run_docker(subcommand='inspect', args=container_id) except ContainerCLIError as exc: msg = "Invalid container id: %s" % container_id if exc.stdout == '[]' and exc.stderr == 'Error: no such object: {container_id}'.format(container_id=container_id): log.warning(msg) return [] else: raise ContainerNotFound(msg, container_id=container_id)
[docs] @docker_json def image_inspect(self, image): try: return self._run_docker(subcommand='image inspect', args=image) except ContainerCLIError as exc: msg = "%s not pulled, cannot get digest" % image if exc.stdout == '[]' and exc.stderr == 'Error: no such image: {image}'.format(image=image): log.warning(msg, image) return [] else: raise ContainerImageNotFound(msg, image=image)
# TODO: implement
[docs]class DockerAPIInterface(DockerCLIInterface): container_type = 'docker'