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Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api.dynamic_tools

import logging

from galaxy import (
from galaxy.exceptions import ObjectNotFound
from galaxy.web import (
from galaxy.webapps.base.controller import BaseAPIController

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class DynamicToolsController(BaseAPIController): """ RESTful controller for interactions with dynamic tools. Dynamic tools are tools defined in the database. Use the tools controller to run these tools and view functional information. """
[docs] @expose_api_anonymous_and_sessionless def index(self, trans, **kwds): """ GET /api/dynamic_tools This returns meta-information about the dynamic tool, such as tool_uuid. To use the tool or view funtional information such as inputs and outputs, use the standard tools API indexed by the ID (and optionally version) returned from this endpoint. """ manager = self.app.dynamic_tools_manager return list(map(lambda t: t.to_dict(), manager.list_tools()))
[docs] @expose_api_anonymous_and_sessionless def show(self, trans, id, **kwd): """ GET /api/dynamic_tools/{encoded_dynamic_tool_id|tool_uuid} """ self._get_dynamic_tool(trans, id).to_dict()
[docs] @web.require_admin @expose_api def create(self, trans, payload, **kwd): """ POST /api/dynamic_tools The payload is expected to be a tool definition to dynamically load into Galaxy's toolbox. :type representation: dict :param representation: a JSON-ified tool description to load :type uuid: str :param uuid: the uuid to associate with the tool being created """ dynamic_tool = self.app.dynamic_tools_manager.create_tool( trans, payload, allow_load=util.asbool(kwd.get("allow_load", True)) ) return dynamic_tool.to_dict()
[docs] @web.require_admin @expose_api def delete(self, trans, id, **kwd): """ DELETE /api/dynamic_tools/{encoded_dynamic_tool_id|tool_uuid} Deactivate the specified dynamic tool. Deactivated tools will not be loaded into the toolbox. """ manager = self.app.dynamic_tools_manager dynamic_tool = self._get_dynamic_tool(trans, id) updated_dynamic_tool = manager.deactivate(dynamic_tool) return updated_dynamic_tool.to_dict()
def _get_dynamic_tool(self, trans, request_id): manager = self.app.dynamic_tools_manager if util.is_uuid(request_id): dynamic_tool = manager.get_tool_by_uuid(request_id) else: dynamic_tool = manager.get_tool_by_id(trans.security.decode_id(request_id)) if dynamic_tool is None: raise ObjectNotFound() return dynamic_tool