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September 2020 Galaxy Release (v 20.09)

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Plugin framework for uploading datasets

Galaxy administrators can now configure different sources from which users may upload files. These include global or user-specifc webdav servers, dropbox accounts as well as FTP and regular filesystem locations. Developers can add new types of sources by adding PyFileSystem2 compatible plugins. (Pull Request 9888)

Workflow import from GA4GH TRS servers

Galaxy can now search and import workflows from GA4GH TRS servers, such as Dockstore and WorkflowHub. We hope that sharing workflows on these platforms will facilitate re-use and collaboration. (Pull Request 9999, Pull Request 10158)

Simplified workflow submission form

Galaxy now presents a simpler and cleaner interface for submitting workflows that focuses on the parameters to set and datasets to choose. (Pull Request 9151).

Accelerate batch job creation and workflow step scheduling

Galaxy now batches database interactions for the creation of batch jobs. For large batches of jobs this can speed up job creation by 100 fold or more. (Pull Request 9926, Pull Request 9980, Pull Request 9985, Pull Request 10008, Pull Request 10019)

Also check out the 20.09 user release notes

Configuration Changes

The following configuration options have been changed


  • uwsgi.static-safe has changed from client/galaxy/images to client/src/assets


  • uwsgi.static-safe has changed from client/galaxy/images to client/src/assets


  • uwsgi.static-safe has changed from client/galaxy/images to client/src/assets

New Configuration Files

The following configuration file is new:

  • config/trs_servers_conf.yml.sample

Get Galaxy

The code lives at GitHub and you should have Git to obtain it.

To get a new Galaxy repository run:
$ git clone -b release_20.09 https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy.git
To update an existing Galaxy repository run:
$ git fetch origin && git checkout release_20.09 && git pull --ff-only origin release_20.09

See the community hub for additional details regarding the source code locations.

Release Testing Team

A special thanks to the release testing team for testing many of the new features and reporting many bugs:

Release Notes



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