Submodules module

alias of ShedToolDataTableManager


Bases: object

generate_repository_info_elem(tool_shed, repository_name, changeset_revision, owner, parent_elem=None, **kwd)[source]

Create and return an ElementTree repository info Element.

generate_repository_info_elem_from_repository(tool_shed_repository, parent_elem=None, **kwd)[source]

Try to return the list of all appropriate tool data sample files included in the repository.

handle_missing_data_table_entry(relative_install_dir, tool_path, repository_tools_tups)[source]

Inspect each tool to see if any have input parameters that are dynamically generated select lists that require entries in the tool_data_table_conf.xml file. This method is called only from Galaxy (not the tool shed) when a repository is being installed or reinstalled.

handle_sample_tool_data_table_conf_file(filename, persist=False)[source]

Parse the incoming filename and add new entries to the in-memory dictionary. If persist is True (should only occur if call is from the Galaxy side, not the tool shed), the new entries will be appended to Galaxy’s shed_tool_data_table_conf.xml file on disk.

install_tool_data_tables(tool_shed_repository, tool_index_sample_files)[source]
reset_tool_data_tables()[source] module


Bases: object

check_tool_input_params(repo_dir, tool_config_name, tool, sample_files)[source]

Check all of the tool’s input parameters, looking for any that are dynamically generated using external data files to make sure the files exist.

load_tool_from_config(repository_id, full_path)[source]