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Source code for galaxy_test.selenium.jupyter_context

"""Variant of JuypterContextImpl that can also use populators.

This provides an environment separate from test cases that can leaverage
both Selenium for testing Galaxy with a browser and API populators for filling
in fixture data rapidly in the target Galaxy.
from typing import Optional

from galaxy.selenium.context import init as base_init
from galaxy.selenium.jupyter_context import JupyterContextImpl
from galaxy_test.base.api_util import get_admin_api_key
from .framework import GalaxyTestSeleniumContext

[docs]class JupyterTestContextImpl(JupyterContextImpl, GalaxyTestSeleniumContext): # Reload components interactively to limit number of Python kernel # restarts needed during test building. _interactive_components = True
[docs] def __init__(self, from_dict: Optional[dict] = None) -> None: from_dict = from_dict or {} super().__init__(from_dict) self.admin_api_key = from_dict.get("admin_api_key", get_admin_api_key()) self.login_email = from_dict.get("login_email") self.login_password = from_dict.get("login_password")
[docs] def test_login(self): self.home() self.submit_login(self.login_email, self.login_password)
[docs]def init(config=None): return base_init(config, clazz=JupyterTestContextImpl)