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Source code for galaxy_test.base.testcase

import logging
import os
import unittest
from typing import (

from galaxy.tool_util.verify.test_data import TestDataResolver
from galaxy_test.base.env import (

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class FunctionalTestCase(unittest.TestCase): """Base class for tests targetting actual Galaxy servers. Subclass should override galaxy_driver_class if a Galaxy server needs to be launched to run the test, this base class assumes a server is already running. """ galaxy_driver_class: Optional[type] = None history_id: Optional[str] host: str port: Optional[str] url: str keepOutdir: str test_data_resolver: TestDataResolver _test_driver: Optional[Any]
[docs] def setUp(self) -> None: self.history_id = os.environ.get("GALAXY_TEST_HISTORY_ID", None) self.host, self.port, self.url = target_url_parts() server_wrapper = ( self._test_driver and self._test_driver.server_wrappers and self._test_driver.server_wrappers[0] ) if server_wrapper: self.host = server_wrapper.host self.port = server_wrapper.port self.url = f"http://{self.host}:{self.port}{server_wrapper.prefix.rstrip('/')}/" self.test_data_resolver = TestDataResolver() self.keepOutdir = setup_keep_outdir()
[docs] @classmethod def setUpClass(cls): """Configure and start Galaxy for a test.""" cls._test_driver = None if cls.galaxy_driver_class is not None and not os.environ.get("GALAXY_TEST_ENVIRONMENT_CONFIGURED"): cls._test_driver = cls.galaxy_driver_class() cls._test_driver.setup(config_object=cls)
[docs] @classmethod def tearDownClass(cls): """Shutdown Galaxy server and cleanup temp directory.""" if cls._test_driver: cls._test_driver.tear_down()
[docs] def get_filename(self, filename: str) -> str: # No longer used by tool tests - drop if isn't used else where. return self.test_data_resolver.get_filename(filename)