Source code for galaxy_test.base.nose_util

""" Utilities for dealing with nose.

There was some duplication between Galaxy, Tool Shed, and Install/Test,
trying to reduce that here.

import nose

[docs]def run(test_config, plugins=None): plugins = plugins or [] loader = nose.loader.TestLoader(config=test_config) for plugin in plugins: test_config.plugins.addPlugin(plugin) plug_loader = test_config.plugins.prepareTestLoader(loader) if plug_loader is not None: loader = plug_loader tests = loader.loadTestsFromNames(test_config.testNames) test_runner = nose.core.TextTestRunner(, verbosity=test_config.verbosity, config=test_config ) plug_runner = test_config.plugins.prepareTestRunner(test_runner) if plug_runner is not None: test_runner = plug_runner result = return result