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Source code for galaxy_test.api.test_visualizations

import json
import uuid

from requests import put

from galaxy_test.api.sharable import SharingApiTests
from galaxy_test.base.api_asserts import assert_has_keys
from ._framework import ApiTestCase

INDEX_KEYS = ["id", "title", "type", "dbkey", "url"]
SHOW_KEYS = INDEX_KEYS + ["user_id", "model_class", "revisions", "latest_revision", "annotation"]
REVISION_KEYS = ["id", "title", "visualization_id", "dbkey", "model_class", "config"]

[docs]class VisualizationsApiTestCase(ApiTestCase, SharingApiTests): api_name = "visualizations"
[docs] def create(self, _: str) -> str: viz_id, _ = self._create_viz() return viz_id
[docs] def test_index_and_show(self): self._create_viz() # to ensure on exists to index index = self._get("visualizations").json() assert len(index) >= 1 for viz in index: self._verify_viz_object(viz, show=False) first_viz = index[0] self._show_viz(first_viz["id"])
[docs] def test_create(self): viz_id, viz_request = self._create_viz() self._show_viz(viz_id, assert_ok=True)
[docs] def test_create_fails_without_title(self): response = self._raw_create_viz(title="") self._assert_status_code_is(response, 400)
[docs] def test_create_fails_with_bad_slug(self): response = self._raw_create_viz(slug="123_()") self._assert_status_code_is(response, 400)
[docs] def test_create_fails_with_invalid_config(self): response = self._raw_create_viz(config="3 = nime") self._assert_status_code_is(response, 400)
[docs] def test_sharing(self): viz_id, _ = self._create_viz() sharing_response = self._get(f"visualizations/{viz_id}/sharing") self._assert_status_code_is(sharing_response, 200) self._assert_has_keys( sharing_response.json(), "title", "importable", "id", "username_and_slug", "published", "users_shared_with" )
[docs] def test_update_title(self): viz_id, viz = self._create_viz() update_url = self._api_url(f"visualizations/{viz_id}", use_key=True) response = put(update_url, {"title": "New Name"}) self._assert_status_code_is(response, 200) updated_viz = self._show_viz(viz_id) assert updated_viz["title"] == "New Name"
def _show_viz(self, viz_id, assert_ok=True): show_response = self._get(f"visualizations/{viz_id}") if assert_ok: self._assert_status_code_is(show_response, 200) viz = show_response.json() if assert_ok: self._verify_viz_object(viz, show=True) return viz def _raw_create_viz(self, title=None, slug=None, config=None): uuid_str = str(uuid.uuid4()) title = title if title is not None else "Test Visualization" slug = slug if slug is not None else f"test-visualization-{uuid_str}" config = ( config if config is not None else json.dumps( { "x": 10, "y": 12, } ) ) create_payload = { "title": title, "slug": slug, "type": "example", "dbkey": "hg17", "annotation": "this is a test of the emergency visualization system", "config": config, } response = self._post("visualizations", data=create_payload) return response def _create_viz(self, **kwds): response = self._raw_create_viz(**kwds) self._assert_status_code_is(response, 200) viz = response.json() return viz["id"], viz def _verify_viz_object(self, obj, show=False): assert_has_keys(obj, *(SHOW_KEYS if show else INDEX_KEYS)) if show: assert "revisions" in obj revisions = obj["revisions"] assert len(revisions) >= 1 assert "latest_revision" in obj latest_revision = obj["latest_revision"] assert_has_keys(latest_revision, *REVISION_KEYS) assert latest_revision["model_class"] == "VisualizationRevision" assert latest_revision["id"] in revisions