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import logging
from typing import Optional

from sqlalchemy import (

from galaxy import (
from galaxy.managers.context import ProvidesUserContext
from galaxy.managers.quotas import QuotaManager
from galaxy.quota._schema import (
from galaxy.schema.fields import EncodedDatabaseIdField
from import IdEncodingHelper
from galaxy.web import url_for
from import ServiceBase

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class QuotasService(ServiceBase): """Interface/service object shared by controllers for interacting with quotas."""
[docs] def __init__(self, security: IdEncodingHelper, quota_manager: QuotaManager): super().__init__(security) self.quota_manager = quota_manager
[docs] def index(self, trans: ProvidesUserContext, deleted: bool = False) -> QuotaSummaryList: """Displays a collection (list) of quotas.""" rval = [] query = trans.sa_session.query(model.Quota) if deleted: route = "deleted_quota" query = query.filter(model.Quota.deleted == true()) else: route = "quota" query = query.filter(model.Quota.deleted == false()) for quota in query: item = quota.to_dict(value_mapper={"id":}) encoded_id = item["url"] = self._url_for(route, id=encoded_id) rval.append(item) return QuotaSummaryList.parse_obj(rval)
[docs] def show(self, trans: ProvidesUserContext, id: EncodedDatabaseIdField, deleted: bool = False) -> QuotaDetails: """Displays information about a quota.""" quota = self.quota_manager.get_quota(trans, id, deleted=deleted) rval = quota.to_dict(view="element", value_mapper={"id":, "total_disk_usage": float}) return QuotaDetails.parse_obj(rval)
[docs] def create(self, trans: ProvidesUserContext, params: CreateQuotaParams) -> CreateQuotaResult: """Creates a new quota.""" payload = params.dict() self.validate_in_users_and_groups(trans, payload) quota, message = self.quota_manager.create_quota(payload) item = quota.to_dict(value_mapper={"id":}) item["url"] = self._url_for("quota", item["message"] = message return CreateQuotaResult.parse_obj(item)
[docs] def update(self, trans: ProvidesUserContext, id: EncodedDatabaseIdField, params: UpdateQuotaParams) -> str: """Modifies a quota.""" payload = params.dict() self.validate_in_users_and_groups(trans, payload) quota = self.quota_manager.get_quota(trans, id, deleted=False) params = UpdateQuotaParams(**payload) # FIXME: Doing it this way makes the update non-atomic if a method fails after an earlier one has succeeded. methods = [] if or params.description: methods.append(self.quota_manager.rename_quota) if params.amount: methods.append(self.quota_manager.edit_quota) if params.default == DefaultQuotaValues.NO: methods.append(self.quota_manager.unset_quota_default) elif params.default: methods.append(self.quota_manager.set_quota_default) if params.in_users or params.in_groups: methods.append(self.quota_manager.manage_users_and_groups_for_quota) messages = [] for method in methods: message = method(quota, params) messages.append(message) return "; ".join(messages)
[docs] def delete( self, trans: ProvidesUserContext, id: EncodedDatabaseIdField, payload: Optional[DeleteQuotaPayload] = None ) -> str: """Marks a quota as deleted.""" quota = self.quota_manager.get_quota( trans, id, deleted=False ) # deleted quotas are not technically members of this collection message = self.quota_manager.delete_quota(quota) if payload and payload.purge: message += self.quota_manager.purge_quota(quota) return message
[docs] def undelete(self, trans: ProvidesUserContext, id: EncodedDatabaseIdField) -> str: """Restores a previously deleted quota.""" quota = self.quota_manager.get_quota(trans, id, deleted=True) return self.quota_manager.undelete_quota(quota)
[docs] def validate_in_users_and_groups(self, trans, payload): """ For convenience, in_users and in_groups can be encoded IDs or emails/group names in the API. """ def get_id(item, model_class, column): try: return except Exception: pass # maybe an email/group name # this will raise if the item is invalid return trans.sa_session.query(model_class).filter(column == item).first().id new_in_users = [] new_in_groups = [] invalid = [] for item in util.listify(payload.get("in_users", [])): try: new_in_users.append(get_id(item, model.User, except Exception: invalid.append(item) for item in util.listify(payload.get("in_groups", [])): try: new_in_groups.append(get_id(item, model.Group, except Exception: invalid.append(item) if invalid: msg = ( f"The following value(s) for associated users and/or groups could not be parsed: {', '.join(invalid)}." ) msg += " Valid values are email addresses of users, names of groups, or IDs of both." raise Exception(msg) payload["in_users"] = list(map(str, new_in_users)) payload["in_groups"] = list(map(str, new_in_groups))
def _url_for(self, *args, **kargs): try: return url_for(*args, **kargs) except AttributeError: return "*deprecated attribute not filled in by FastAPI server*"