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from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile
from typing import (

from celery.result import AsyncResult

from galaxy.exceptions import (
from galaxy.managers.base import (
from galaxy.managers.context import ProvidesUserContext
from galaxy.managers.model_stores import create_objects_from_store
from galaxy.model import User
from import (
from galaxy.schema.fields import EncodedDatabaseIdField
from galaxy.schema.schema import AsyncTaskResultSummary
from import IdEncodingHelper
from galaxy.util import ready_name_for_url
from galaxy.web.short_term_storage import (

[docs]def ensure_celery_tasks_enabled(config): if not config.enable_celery_tasks: raise ConfigDoesNotAllowException( "This operation requires asynchronous tasks to be enabled on the Galaxy server and they are not, please contact the server admin." )
[docs]class ServiceBase: """Base class with common logic and utils reused by other services. A service class: - Provides top level operations (`Index`, `Show`, `Delete`...) that are usually consumed directly by the API controllers or other services. - Uses a combination of managers to perform the operations and avoids accessing the database layer directly. - Can speak 'pydantic' and has rich type annotations to be explicit about the required parameters and outputs of each operation. """
[docs] def __init__(self, security: IdEncodingHelper): = security
[docs] def decode_id(self, id: EncodedDatabaseIdField) -> int: """Decodes a previously encoded database ID.""" return decode_with_security(, id)
[docs] def encode_id(self, id: int) -> EncodedDatabaseIdField: """Encodes a raw database ID.""" return encode_with_security(, id)
[docs] def decode_ids(self, ids: List[EncodedDatabaseIdField]) -> List[int]: """ Decodes all encoded IDs in the given list. """ return [self.decode_id(id) for id in ids]
[docs] def encode_all_ids(self, rval, recursive: bool = False): """ Encodes all integer values in the dict rval whose keys are 'id' or end with '_id' It might be useful to turn this in to a decorator """ return, recursive=recursive)
[docs] def build_order_by(self, manager: SortableManager, order_by_query: Optional[str] = None): """Returns an ORM compatible order_by clause using the order attribute and the given manager. The manager has to implement the `parse_order_by` function to support all the sortable model attributes.""" ORDER_BY_SEP_CHAR = "," if order_by_query and ORDER_BY_SEP_CHAR in order_by_query: return [manager.parse_order_by(o) for o in order_by_query.split(ORDER_BY_SEP_CHAR)] return manager.parse_order_by(order_by_query)
[docs] def get_class(self, class_name): """ Returns the class object that a string denotes. Without this method, we'd have to do eval(<class_name>). """ return get_class(class_name)
[docs] def get_object(self, trans, id, class_name, check_ownership=False, check_accessible=False, deleted=None): """ Convenience method to get a model object with the specified checks. """ return get_object( trans, id, class_name, check_ownership=check_ownership, check_accessible=check_accessible, deleted=deleted )
[docs] def check_user_is_authenticated(self, trans: ProvidesUserContext): """Raises an exception if the request is anonymous.""" if trans.anonymous: raise AuthenticationRequired("API authentication required for this request")
[docs] def get_authenticated_user(self, trans: ProvidesUserContext) -> User: """Gets the authenticated user and prevents access from anonymous users.""" self.check_user_is_authenticated(trans) return cast(User, trans.user)
[docs]class ServedExportStore(NamedTuple): export_store: ModelExportStore export_target: Any
[docs]def model_store_storage_target( short_term_storage_allocator: ShortTermStorageAllocator, file_name: str, model_store_format: str ) -> ShortTermStorageTarget: cleaned_filename = ready_name_for_url(f"{file_name}.{model_store_format}") if model_store_format.endswith("gz"): mime_type = "application/x-gzip" else: mime_type = "application/x-tar" return short_term_storage_allocator.new_target( cleaned_filename, mime_type, )
[docs]class ServesExportStores:
[docs] def serve_export_store(self, app, download_format: str): export_target = NamedTemporaryFile("wb") export_store = get_export_store_factory(app, download_format)( return ServedExportStore(export_store, export_target)
[docs]class ConsumesModelStores:
[docs] def create_objects_from_store( self, trans, payload, history=None, for_library=False, ): galaxy_user = None if isinstance(trans.user, User): galaxy_user = trans.user return create_objects_from_store(, galaxy_user=galaxy_user, payload=payload, history=history, for_library=for_library, )
[docs]def async_task_summary(async_result: AsyncResult) -> AsyncTaskResultSummary: name = None try: name = except AttributeError: # if backend is disabled, we won't have this pass queue = None try: queue = async_result.queue except AttributeError: # if backend is disabled, we won't have this pass return AsyncTaskResultSummary( id=str(, ignored=async_result.ignored, name=name, queue=queue, )