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Source code for galaxy.util.submodules

import importlib
import logging
import pkgutil

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def import_submodules(module, ordered=True, recursive=False): """Import all submodules of a module :param module: module (package name or actual module) :type module: str | module :param ordered: Whether to order the returned modules. The default is True, and modules are returned in reverse order to allow hierarchical overrides i.e. 000_galaxy_rules.py, 100_site_rules.py, 200_instance_rules.py :type ordered: bool :param recursive: Recursively returns all subpackages :type recursive: bool :rtype: [module] """ sub_modules = __import_submodules_impl(module, recursive) if ordered: return sorted(sub_modules, reverse=True, key=lambda m: m.__name__) else: return sub_modules
def __import_submodules_impl(module, recursive=False): """Implementation of import only, without sorting. :param module: module (package name or actual module) :type module: str | module :rtype: [module] """ if isinstance(module, str): module = importlib.import_module(module) submodules = [] for _, name, is_pkg in pkgutil.walk_packages(module.__path__): full_name = f"{module.__name__}.{name}" try: submodule = importlib.import_module(full_name) submodules.append(submodule) if recursive and is_pkg: submodules.update(__import_submodules_impl(submodule, recursive=True)) except BaseException: message = f"{full_name} dynamic module could not be loaded (traceback follows):" log.exception(message) continue return submodules