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Source code for galaxy.selenium.cli

REMOTE_DESCRIPTION = "Use a remote driver for selenium connection."
BROWSER_DESCRIPTION = "Use specific browser for selenium (e.g. firefox or chrome)."
REMOTE_HOST_DESCRIPTION = "Selenium hub remote host to use (if remote driver in use)."
REMOTE_PORT_DESCRIPTION = "Selenium hub remote port to use (if remote driver in use)."
GALAXY_URL_DESCRIPTION = "URL of Galaxy instance to target."
HEADLESS_DESCRIPTION = "Use local selenium headlessly (native in chrome, otherwise this requires pyvirtualdisplay)."

from urllib.parse import urljoin

from .driver_factory import (
from .navigates_galaxy import NavigatesGalaxy

[docs]def add_selenium_arguments(parser): """Add common selenium arguments for argparse driver utility.""" parser.add_argument( "--selenium-browser", default="auto", help=BROWSER_DESCRIPTION, ) parser.add_argument( "--selenium-headless", default=False, action="store_true", help=HEADLESS_DESCRIPTION, ) parser.add_argument( "--selenium-remote", default=False, action="store_true", help=REMOTE_DESCRIPTION, ) parser.add_argument( "--selenium-remote-host", default="", help=REMOTE_HOST_DESCRIPTION, ) parser.add_argument( "--selenium-remote-port", default="4444", help=REMOTE_PORT_DESCRIPTION, ) parser.add_argument( "--galaxy_url", default="", help=GALAXY_URL_DESCRIPTION, ) return parser
[docs]class DriverWrapper(NavigatesGalaxy): """Adapt argparse command-line options to a concrete Selenium driver."""
[docs] def __init__(self, args): browser = args.selenium_browser self.display = virtual_display_if_enabled(args.selenium_headless) if args.selenium_remote: driver = get_remote_driver( host=args.selenium_remote_host, port=args.selenium_remote_port, browser=browser, ) else: driver = get_local_driver( browser=browser, ) self.driver = driver self.target_url = args.galaxy_url
[docs] def build_url(self, url=""): return urljoin(self.target_url, url)
@property def default_timeout(self): return 15
[docs] def finish(self): exception = None try: self.driver.close() except Exception as e: exception = e try: self.display.stop() except Exception as e: exception = e if exception is not None: raise exception