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import hashlib
from base64 import b64encode
from os import urandom

from galaxy.util import (

HASH_FUNCTION = "sha256"
COST_FACTOR = 100000

[docs]def hash_password(password): """ Hash a password, currently will use the PBKDF2 scheme. """ if password is None: raise Exception("password cannot be None") return hash_password_PBKDF2(password)
[docs]def check_password(guess, hashed): """ Check a hashed password. Supports either PBKDF2 if the hash is prefixed with that string, or sha1 otherwise. """ if hashed.startswith("PBKDF2"): if check_password_PBKDF2(guess, hashed): return True else: # Passwords were originally encoded with sha1 and hexed if safe_str_cmp(hashlib.sha1(smart_str(guess)).hexdigest(), hashed): return True # Password does not match return False
[docs]def hash_password_PBKDF2(password): # Generate a random salt salt = b64encode(urandom(SALT_LENGTH)) # Apply the pbkdf2 encoding hashed_password = pbkdf2_bin(password, salt, COST_FACTOR, KEY_LENGTH, HASH_FUNCTION) encoded_password = unicodify(b64encode(hashed_password)) # Format return f"PBKDF2${HASH_FUNCTION}${COST_FACTOR}${unicodify(salt)}${encoded_password}"
[docs]def check_password_PBKDF2(guess, hashed): # Split the database representation to extract cost_factor and salt name, hash_function, cost_factor, salt, encoded_original = hashed.split("$", 5) # Hash the guess using the same parameters hashed_guess = pbkdf2_bin(guess, salt, int(cost_factor), KEY_LENGTH, hash_function) encoded_guess = unicodify(b64encode(hashed_guess)) return safe_str_cmp(encoded_original, encoded_guess)
[docs]def pbkdf2_bin(data, salt, iterations=COST_FACTOR, keylen=KEY_LENGTH, hashfunc=HASH_FUNCTION): """Returns a binary digest for the PBKDF2 hash algorithm of `data` with the given `salt`. It iterates `iterations` time and produces a key of `keylen` bytes. By default SHA-256 is used as hash function, a different hashlib `hashfunc` can be provided. """ data = smart_str(data) salt = smart_str(salt) return hashlib.pbkdf2_hmac(hashfunc, data, salt, iterations, keylen)