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Source code for galaxy.managers.display_applications

import logging
from typing import (

from galaxy.datatypes.registry import Registry
from galaxy.structured_app import StructuredApp

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class DisplayApplicationsManager: """Interface/service object for sharing logic between controllers."""
[docs] def __init__(self, app: StructuredApp): self._app = app
@property def datatypes_registry(self) -> Registry: return self._app.datatypes_registry
[docs] def index(self) -> List[Any]: """ Returns the list of display applications. :returns: list of available display applications :rtype: list """ rval = [] for display_app in self.datatypes_registry.display_applications.values(): rval.append( { "id": display_app.id, "name": display_app.name, "version": display_app.version, "filename_": display_app._filename, "links": [{"name": link.name} for link in display_app.links.values()], } ) return rval
[docs] def reload(self, ids: List[str]) -> Dict[str, Any]: """ Reloads the list of display applications. :param ids: list containing ids of display to be reloaded :type ids: list """ self._app.queue_worker.send_control_task( "reload_display_application", noop_self=True, kwargs={"display_application_ids": ids} ) reloaded, failed = self.datatypes_registry.reload_display_applications(ids) if not reloaded and failed: message = 'Unable to reload any of the %i requested display applications ("%s").' % ( len(failed), '", "'.join(failed), ) elif failed: message = ( 'Reloaded %i display applications ("%s"), but failed to reload %i display applications ("%s").' % (len(reloaded), '", "'.join(reloaded), len(failed), '", "'.join(failed)) ) elif not reloaded: message = "You need to request at least one display application to reload." else: message = 'Reloaded %i requested display applications ("%s").' % (len(reloaded), '", "'.join(reloaded)) return {"message": message, "reloaded": reloaded, "failed": failed}