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Source code for galaxy.jobs.runners.state_handlers.resubmit

import logging
from datetime import datetime

from galaxy import model
from galaxy.jobs.runners import JobState
from ._safe_eval import safe_eval

__all__ = ("failure",)

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

MESSAGES = dict(
    walltime_reached="it reached the walltime",
    memory_limit_reached="it exceeded the amount of allocated memory",
    unknown_error="it encountered an unknown error",
    tool_detected="it encountered a tool detected error condition",

[docs]def failure(app, job_runner, job_state): # Leave handler quickly if no resubmit conditions specified or if the runner state doesn't allow resubmission. resubmit_definitions = job_state.job_destination.get("resubmit") if not resubmit_definitions: return runner_state = getattr(job_state, "runner_state", None) or JobState.runner_states.UNKNOWN_ERROR if runner_state not in ( JobState.runner_states.WALLTIME_REACHED, JobState.runner_states.MEMORY_LIMIT_REACHED, JobState.runner_states.JOB_OUTPUT_NOT_RETURNED_FROM_CLUSTER, JobState.runner_states.TOOL_DETECT_ERROR, JobState.runner_states.UNKNOWN_ERROR, ): # not set or not a handleable runner state return _handle_resubmit_definitions(resubmit_definitions, app, job_runner, job_state)
def _handle_resubmit_definitions(resubmit_definitions, app, job_runner, job_state): runner_state = getattr(job_state, "runner_state", None) or JobState.runner_states.UNKNOWN_ERROR # Setup environment for evaluating resubmission conditions and related expression. expression_context = _ExpressionContext(job_state) # Intercept jobs that hit the walltime and have a walltime or # nonspecific resubmit destination configured for resubmit in resubmit_definitions: condition = resubmit.get("condition", None) if condition and not expression_context.safe_eval(condition): # There is a resubmit defined for the destination but # its condition is not for the encountered state continue external_id = getattr(job_state, "job_id", None) if external_id: job_log_prefix = f"({job_state.job_wrapper.job_id}/{job_state.job_id})" else: job_log_prefix = f"({job_state.job_wrapper.job_id})" # Is destination needed here, might these be serialized to the database? destination = resubmit.get("environment") or resubmit.get("destination") log.info( "%s Job will be resubmitted to '%s' because %s at " "the '%s' destination", job_log_prefix, destination, MESSAGES[runner_state], job_state.job_wrapper.job_destination.id, ) # fetch JobDestination for the id or tag if destination: new_destination = app.job_config.get_destination(destination) else: new_destination = job_state.job_destination # Resolve dynamic if necessary new_destination = job_state.job_wrapper.job_runner_mapper.cache_job_destination(new_destination) # Reset job state job_state.job_wrapper.clear_working_directory() job_state.job_wrapper.invalidate_external_metadata() job = job_state.job_wrapper.get_job() if resubmit.get("handler", None): log.debug("%s Job reassigned to handler %s", job_log_prefix, resubmit["handler"]) job.set_handler(resubmit["handler"]) job_runner.sa_session.add(job) # Is this safe to do here? job_runner.sa_session.flush() # Cache the destination to prevent rerunning dynamic after # resubmit job_state.job_wrapper.job_runner_mapper.cached_job_destination = new_destination # Handle delaying before resubmission if needed. raw_delay = resubmit.get("delay") if raw_delay: delay = str(expression_context.safe_eval(str(raw_delay))) try: # ensure result acts like a number when persisted. float(delay) new_destination.params["__resubmit_delay_seconds"] = str(delay) except ValueError: log.warning(f"Cannot delay job with delay [{delay}], does not appear to be a number.") job_state.job_wrapper.set_job_destination(new_destination) # Clear external ID (state change below flushes the change) job.job_runner_external_id = None # Allow the UI to query for resubmitted state if job.params is None: job.params = {} job_state.runner_state_handled = True info = "This job was resubmitted to the queue because %s on its " "compute resource." % MESSAGES[runner_state] job_runner.mark_as_resubmitted(job_state, info=info) return class _ExpressionContext: def __init__(self, job_state): self._job_state = job_state self._lazy_context = None def safe_eval(self, condition): if condition.isdigit(): return int(condition) if self._lazy_context is None: runner_state = getattr(self._job_state, "runner_state", None) or JobState.runner_states.UNKNOWN_ERROR attempt = 1 now = datetime.utcnow() last_running_state = None last_queued_state = None for state in self._job_state.job_wrapper.get_job().state_history: if state.state == model.Job.states.RUNNING: last_running_state = state elif state.state == model.Job.states.QUEUED: last_queued_state = state elif state.state == model.Job.states.RESUBMITTED: attempt = attempt + 1 seconds_running = 0 seconds_since_queued = 0 if last_running_state: seconds_running = (now - last_running_state.create_time).total_seconds() if last_queued_state: seconds_since_queued = (now - last_queued_state.create_time).total_seconds() self._lazy_context = { "walltime_reached": runner_state == JobState.runner_states.WALLTIME_REACHED, "memory_limit_reached": runner_state == JobState.runner_states.MEMORY_LIMIT_REACHED, "unknown_error": runner_state == JobState.runner_states.UNKNOWN_ERROR, "tool_detected_failure": runner_state == JobState.runner_states.TOOL_DETECT_ERROR, "any_failure": True, "any_potential_job_failure": True, # Add a hook here - later on allow tools to describe things that are definitely input problems. "attempt": attempt, "seconds_running": seconds_running, "seconds_since_queued": seconds_since_queued, } # Small optimization to eliminate the need to parse AST and eval for simple variables. if condition in self._lazy_context: return self._lazy_context[condition] else: return safe_eval(condition, self._lazy_context)