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Source code for galaxy.auth.providers.localdb

Created on 16/07/2014

@author: Andrew Robinson
import logging

from ..providers import AuthProvider

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class LocalDB(AuthProvider): """Authenticate users against the local Galaxy database (as per usual).""" plugin_type = "localdb"
[docs] def authenticate(self, email, username, password, options): """ See abstract method documentation. """ return (False, "", "") # it can never auto-create based of localdb (chicken-egg)
[docs] def authenticate_user(self, user, password, options): """ See abstract method documentation. """ user_ok = user.check_password(password) log.debug(f"User: {user.id if options['redact_username_in_logs'] else user.email}, LOCALDB: {user_ok}") return user_ok
__all__ = ("LocalDB",)