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Source code for galaxy.util.search

import re

[docs]def parse_filters(search_term, filters): """Support github-like filters for narrowing the results. Order of chunks does not matter, only recognized filter names are allowed. :param search_term: the original search str from user input :returns allow_query: whoosh Query object used for filtering results of searching in index :returns search_term_without_filters: str that represents user's search phrase without the filters """ allow_terms = [] search_term_without_filters = None search_space = search_term.replace('"', "'") filter_keys = "|".join(list(filters.keys())) pattern = fr"({filter_keys}):(?:\s+)?([\w-]+|\'.*?\')" reserved = re.compile(pattern) while True: match = reserved.search(search_space) if match is None: search_term_without_filters = ' '.join(search_space.split()) break first_group = match.groups()[0] if first_group in filters: filter_as = filters[first_group] allow_terms.append((filter_as, match.groups()[1].strip().replace("'", ""))) search_space = search_space[0:match.start()] + search_space[match.end():] allow_query = allow_terms if len(allow_terms) > 0 else None return allow_query, search_term_without_filters