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galaxy.workflow.schedulers package

Module containing Galaxy workflow scheduling plugins. Galaxy’s interface for workflow scheduling is highly experimental and the interface required for scheduling plugins will almost certainly change.

class galaxy.workflow.schedulers.WorkflowSchedulingPlugin[source]

Bases: object

A plugin defining how Galaxy should schedule plugins. By default plugins are passive and should monitor Galaxy’s work queue for WorkflowRequests. Inherit from ActiveWorkflowSchedulingPlugin instead if the scheduling plugin should be forced (i.e. if scheduling happen all at once or the request will be stored and monitored outside of Galaxy.)


Short string providing labelling this plugin


Called when Galaxy starts up if the plugin is enabled.


Called when Galaxy is shutting down, workflow scheduling should end.

class galaxy.workflow.schedulers.ActiveWorkflowSchedulingPlugin[source]

Bases: galaxy.workflow.schedulers.WorkflowSchedulingPlugin


Optionally return one or more commands to instrument job. These commands will be executed on the compute server prior to the job running.


galaxy.workflow.schedulers.core module

The class defines the stock Galaxy workflow scheduling plugin - currently it simply schedules the whole workflow up front when offered.

class galaxy.workflow.schedulers.core.CoreWorkflowSchedulingPlugin(**kwds)[source]

Bases: galaxy.workflow.schedulers.ActiveWorkflowSchedulingPlugin

plugin_type = 'core'