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Source code for galaxy.web.statsd_client

    import statsd
except ImportError:
    statsd = None

# TODO: optimize with two separate implementations around statsd_influxdb?
[docs]class GalaxyStatsdClient:
[docs] def __init__(self, statsd_host, statsd_port, statsd_prefix, statsd_influxdb): if not statsd: raise ImportError("Statsd logging configured, but no statsd python module found. " "Please install the python statsd module to use this functionality.") self.metric_infix = '' self.statsd_influxdb = statsd_influxdb if self.statsd_influxdb: statsd_prefix = statsd_prefix.strip(',') self.statsd_client = statsd.StatsClient(statsd_host, statsd_port, prefix=statsd_prefix)
[docs] def timing(self, path, time, tags=None): infix = self._effective_infix(path, tags) self.statsd_client.timing(infix + path, time)
[docs] def incr(self, path, n=1, tags=None): infix = self._effective_infix(path, tags) self.statsd_client.incr(infix + path, n)
def _effective_infix(self, path, tags): tags = tags or {} if self.statsd_influxdb and tags: return ',' + ",".join("{}={}".format(k, v) for (k, v) in tags.items()) + ",path=" if self.statsd_influxdb: return ',path=' else: return ''