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Source code for galaxy.tools.imp_exp

import getpass
import logging
import os
import shutil

from galaxy import model
from galaxy.model import store
from galaxy.util.path import external_chown
from galaxy.version import VERSION_MAJOR

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

ATTRS_FILENAME_HISTORY = 'history_attrs.txt'

[docs]class JobImportHistoryArchiveWrapper: """ Class provides support for performing jobs that import a history from an archive. """
[docs] def __init__(self, app, job_id): self.app = app self.job_id = job_id self.sa_session = self.app.model.context
[docs] def setup_job(self, jiha, archive_source, archive_type): if archive_type != "url": external_chown(archive_source, jiha.job.user.system_user_pwent(self.app.config.real_system_username), self.app.config.external_chown_script, "history import archive") external_chown(jiha.archive_dir, jiha.job.user.system_user_pwent(self.app.config.real_system_username), self.app.config.external_chown_script, "history import archive directory")
[docs] def cleanup_after_job(self): """ Set history, datasets, collections and jobs' attributes and clean up archive directory. """ # # Import history. # jiha = self.sa_session.query(model.JobImportHistoryArchive).filter_by(job_id=self.job_id).first() if not jiha: return None user = jiha.job.user new_history = None try: archive_dir = jiha.archive_dir external_chown(archive_dir, jiha.job.user.system_user_pwent(getpass.getuser()), self.app.config.external_chown_script, "history import archive directory") model_store = store.get_import_model_store_for_directory(archive_dir, app=self.app, user=user) job = jiha.job with model_store.target_history(default_history=job.history) as new_history: jiha.history = new_history self.sa_session.flush() model_store.perform_import(new_history, job=job, new_history=True) # Cleanup. if os.path.exists(archive_dir): shutil.rmtree(archive_dir) except Exception as e: jiha.job.tool_stderr += "Error cleaning up history import job: %s" % e self.sa_session.flush() raise return new_history
[docs]class JobExportHistoryArchiveWrapper: """ Class provides support for performing jobs that export a history to an archive. """
[docs] def __init__(self, app, job_id): self.app = app self.job_id = job_id self.sa_session = self.app.model.context
[docs] def setup_job(self, jeha, include_hidden=False, include_deleted=False): """ Perform setup for job to export a history into an archive. Method generates attribute files for export, sets the corresponding attributes in the jeha object, and returns a command line for running the job. The command line includes the command, inputs, and options; it does not include the output file because it must be set at runtime. """ app = self.app # # Create attributes/metadata files for export. # jeha.dataset.create_extra_files_path() temp_output_dir = jeha.dataset.extra_files_path history = jeha.history history_attrs_filename = os.path.join(temp_output_dir, ATTRS_FILENAME_HISTORY) jeha.history_attrs_filename = history_attrs_filename # symlink files on export, on worker files will tarred up in a dereferenced manner. with store.DirectoryModelExportStore(temp_output_dir, app=app, export_files="symlink") as export_store: export_store.export_history(history, include_hidden=include_hidden, include_deleted=include_deleted) # # Create and return command line for running tool. # options = "--galaxy-version '%s'" % VERSION_MAJOR if jeha.compressed: options += " -G" return "{} {}".format(options, temp_output_dir)