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Source code for galaxy.tool_util.fetcher

from galaxy.util import plugin_config

[docs]class ToolLocationFetcher:
[docs] def __init__(self): self.resolver_classes = self.__resolvers_dict()
def __resolvers_dict(self): import galaxy.tool_util.locations return plugin_config.plugins_dict(galaxy.tool_util.locations, 'scheme')
[docs] def to_tool_path(self, path_or_uri_like, **kwds): if "://" not in path_or_uri_like: path = path_or_uri_like else: uri_like = path_or_uri_like if ":" not in path_or_uri_like: raise Exception("Invalid URI passed to get_tool_source") scheme, rest = uri_like.split(":", 2) if scheme not in self.resolver_classes: raise Exception("Unknown tool scheme [{}] for URI [{}]".format(scheme, uri_like)) path = self.resolver_classes[scheme]().get_tool_source_path(uri_like) return path