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Source code for galaxy.tool_shed.tool_shed_registry

import logging
from collections import (

from galaxy.util import parse_xml_string
from galaxy.util.tool_shed.common_util import remove_protocol_from_tool_shed_url
from galaxy.util.tool_shed.xml_util import parse_xml

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

DEFAULT_TOOL_SHEDS_CONF_XML = """<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <tool_shed name="Galaxy Main Tool Shed" url="https://toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu/"/>

AUTH_TUPLE = namedtuple('AuthSetting', 'username password')

[docs]class Registry:
[docs] def __init__(self, config=None): self.tool_sheds = OrderedDict() self.tool_sheds_auth = OrderedDict() if config: # Parse tool_sheds_conf.xml tree, error_message = parse_xml(config) if tree is None: log.warning("Unable to load references to tool sheds defined in file %s" % str(config)) return root = tree.getroot() else: root = parse_xml_string(DEFAULT_TOOL_SHEDS_CONF_XML) config = "internal default config" log.debug('Loading references to tool sheds from %s' % config) for elem in root.findall('tool_shed'): try: name = elem.get('name', None) url = elem.get('url', None) username = elem.get('user', None) password = elem.get('pass', None) if name and url: self.tool_sheds[name] = url self.tool_sheds_auth[name] = None log.debug('Loaded reference to tool shed: %s' % name) if name and url and username and password: self.tool_sheds_auth[name] = AUTH_TUPLE(username, password) except Exception as e: log.warning('Error loading reference to tool shed "{}", problem: {}'.format(name, str(e)))
[docs] def url_auth(self, url): """ If the tool shed is using external auth, the client to the tool shed must authenticate to that as well. This provides access to the six.moves.urllib.request.HTTPPasswordMgrWithdefaultRealm() object for the url passed in. Following more what galaxy.demo_sequencer.controllers.common does might be more appropriate at some stage... """ url_sans_protocol = remove_protocol_from_tool_shed_url(url) for shed_name, shed_url in self.tool_sheds.items(): shed_url_sans_protocol = remove_protocol_from_tool_shed_url(shed_url) if url_sans_protocol.startswith(shed_url_sans_protocol): return self.tool_sheds_auth[shed_name] log.debug("Invalid url '%s' received by tool shed registry's url_auth method." % str(url)) return None