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Source code for galaxy.model.migrate.versions.0142_change_numeric_metric_precision

Migration script to change the 'value' column of 'user_preference' table from numeric(22, 7) to numeric(26, 7)

import logging

from sqlalchemy import MetaData, Numeric, Table

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
metadata = MetaData()

[docs]def upgrade(migrate_engine): print(__doc__) metadata.bind = migrate_engine metadata.reflect() try: t = Table("job_metric_numeric", metadata, autoload=True) t.c.metric_value.alter(type=Numeric(26, 7)) t = Table("task_metric_numeric", metadata, autoload=True) t.c.metric_value.alter(type=Numeric(26, 7)) except Exception: log.exception("Modifying numeric column failed")
[docs]def downgrade(migrate_engine): # truncating columns would require truncating data in those columns, so it's best not to downgrade them pass