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Source code for galaxy.tools.deps.container_resolvers.explicit

"""This module describes the :class:`ExplicitContainerResolver` ContainerResolver plugin."""
import logging

from ..container_resolvers import (

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ExplicitContainerResolver(ContainerResolver): """Find explicit containers referenced in the tool description (e.g. tool XML file) if present.""" resolver_type = "explicit"
[docs] def resolve(self, enabled_container_types, tool_info): """Find a container explicitly mentioned in tool description. This ignores the tool requirements and assumes the tool author crafted a correct container. """ for container_description in tool_info.container_descriptions: if self._container_type_enabled(container_description, enabled_container_types): return container_description return None
__all__ = ("ExplicitContainerResolver", )