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Source code for galaxy.exceptions

"""This module defines Galaxy's custom exceptions.

A Galaxy exception is an exception that extends :class:`MessageException` which
defines an HTTP status code (represented by the `status_code` attribute) and a
default error message.

New exceptions should be defined by adding an entry to `error_codes.json` in this
directory to define a default error message and a Galaxy "error code". A concrete
Python class should be added in this file defining an HTTP status code (as
`status_code`) and error code (`error_code`) object loaded dynamically from

Reflecting Galaxy's origins as a web application, these exceptions tend to be a
bit web-oriented. However this module is a dependency of modules and tools that
have nothing to do with the web - keep this in mind when defining exception names
and messages.

from ..exceptions import error_codes

[docs]class MessageException(Exception): """Most generic Galaxy exception - indicates merely that some exceptional condition happened.""" # status code to be set when used with API. status_code = 400 # Error code information embedded into API json responses. err_code = error_codes.UNKNOWN
[docs] def __init__(self, err_msg=None, type="info", **extra_error_info): self.err_msg = err_msg or self.err_code.default_error_message self.type = type self.extra_error_info = extra_error_info
def __str__(self): return self.err_msg
[docs]class ItemDeletionException(MessageException): pass
[docs]class ObjectInvalid(Exception): """ Accessed object store ID is invalid """ pass
# Please keep the exceptions ordered by status code
[docs]class ActionInputError(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.USER_REQUEST_INVALID_PARAMETER
[docs] def __init__(self, err_msg, type="error"): super(ActionInputError, self).__init__(err_msg, type)
[docs]class DuplicatedSlugException(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.USER_SLUG_DUPLICATE
[docs]class DuplicatedIdentifierException(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.USER_IDENTIFIER_DUPLICATE
[docs]class ObjectAttributeInvalidException(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.USER_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTE_INVALID
[docs]class ObjectAttributeMissingException(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.USER_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTE_MISSING
[docs]class MalformedId(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.MALFORMED_ID
[docs]class MalformedContents(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.MALFORMED_CONTENTS
[docs]class UnknownContentsType(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.UNKNOWN_CONTENTS_TYPE
[docs]class RequestParameterMissingException(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.USER_REQUEST_MISSING_PARAMETER
[docs]class ToolMetaParameterException(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.USER_TOOL_META_PARAMETER_PROBLEM
[docs]class ToolMissingException(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.USER_TOOL_MISSING_PROBLEM
[docs]class RequestParameterInvalidException(MessageException): status_code = 400 err_code = error_codes.USER_REQUEST_INVALID_PARAMETER
[docs]class AuthenticationFailed(MessageException): status_code = 401 err_code = error_codes.USER_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED
[docs]class AuthenticationRequired(MessageException): status_code = 403 # TODO: as 401 and send WWW-Authenticate: ??? err_code = error_codes.USER_NO_API_KEY
[docs]class ItemAccessibilityException(MessageException): status_code = 403 err_code = error_codes.USER_CANNOT_ACCESS_ITEM
[docs]class ItemOwnershipException(MessageException): status_code = 403 err_code = error_codes.USER_DOES_NOT_OWN_ITEM
[docs]class ConfigDoesNotAllowException(MessageException): status_code = 403 err_code = error_codes.CONFIG_DOES_NOT_ALLOW
[docs]class InsufficientPermissionsException(MessageException): status_code = 403 err_code = error_codes.INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSIONS
[docs]class AdminRequiredException(MessageException): status_code = 403 err_code = error_codes.ADMIN_REQUIRED
[docs]class ObjectNotFound(MessageException): """ Accessed object was not found """ status_code = 404 err_code = error_codes.USER_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND
[docs]class DeprecatedMethod(MessageException): """ Method (or a particular form/arg signature) has been removed and won't be available later """ status_code = 404 # TODO:?? 410 Gone? err_code = error_codes.DEPRECATED_API_CALL
[docs]class Conflict(MessageException): status_code = 409 err_code = error_codes.CONFLICT
[docs]class ConfigurationError(Exception): status_code = 500 err_code = error_codes.CONFIG_ERROR
[docs]class InconsistentDatabase(MessageException): status_code = 500 err_code = error_codes.INCONSISTENT_DATABASE
[docs]class InternalServerError(MessageException): status_code = 500 err_code = error_codes.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR
[docs]class NotImplemented(MessageException): status_code = 501 err_code = error_codes.NOT_IMPLEMENTED
# non-web exceptions
[docs]class ContainerCLIError(Exception):
[docs] def __init__(self, msg=None, stdout=None, stderr=None, returncode=None, command=None, subprocess_command=None, **kwargs): super(ContainerCLIError, self).__init__(msg, **kwargs) self.stdout = stdout self.stderr = stderr self.returncode = returncode self.command = command self.subprocess_command = subprocess_command
[docs]class ContainerNotFound(Exception):
[docs] def __init__(self, msg=None, container_id=None, **kwargs): super(ContainerNotFound, self).__init__(msg, **kwargs) self.container_id = container_id
[docs]class ContainerImageNotFound(Exception):
[docs] def __init__(self, msg=None, image=None, **kwargs): super(ContainerImageNotFound, self).__init__(msg, **kwargs) self.image = image
[docs]class ContainerRunError(Exception):
[docs] def __init__(self, msg=None, image=None, command=None, **kwargs): super(ContainerRunError, self).__init__(msg, **kwargs) self.image = image self.command = command