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galaxy_ext.metadata package

Work with Galaxy metadata


galaxy_ext.metadata.set_metadata module

Execute an external process to set_meta() on a provided list of pickled datasets.

This was formerly scripts/set_metadata.py and expects these arguments:

%prog datatypes_conf.xml job_metadata_file metadata_in,metadata_kwds,metadata_out,metadata_results_code,output_filename_override,metadata_override… max_metadata_value_size

Galaxy should be importable on sys.path and output_filename_override should be set to the path of the dataset on which metadata is being set (output_filename_override could previously be left empty and the path would be constructed automatically).

galaxy_ext.metadata.set_metadata.set_meta_with_tool_provided(dataset_instance, file_dict, set_meta_kwds, datatypes_registry)[source]