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Source code for galaxy.tools.actions.upload

import logging

from galaxy.tools.actions import upload_common
from galaxy.util import ExecutionTimer
from . import ToolAction

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class UploadToolAction(ToolAction):
[docs] def execute(self, tool, trans, incoming={}, set_output_hid=True, history=None, **kwargs): dataset_upload_inputs = [] for input_name, input in tool.inputs.items(): if input.type == "upload_dataset": dataset_upload_inputs.append(input) assert dataset_upload_inputs, Exception("No dataset upload groups were found.") persisting_uploads_timer = ExecutionTimer() precreated_datasets = upload_common.get_precreated_datasets(trans, incoming, trans.app.model.HistoryDatasetAssociation) incoming = upload_common.persist_uploads(incoming, trans) log.debug("Persisted uploads %s" % persisting_uploads_timer) # We can pass an empty string as the cntrller here since it is used to check whether we # are in an admin view, and this tool is currently not used there. check_and_cleanup_timer = ExecutionTimer() uploaded_datasets = upload_common.get_uploaded_datasets(trans, '', incoming, precreated_datasets, dataset_upload_inputs, history=history) upload_common.cleanup_unused_precreated_datasets(precreated_datasets) if not uploaded_datasets: return None, 'No data was entered in the upload form, please go back and choose data to upload.' log.debug("Checked and cleaned uploads %s" % check_and_cleanup_timer) create_job_timer = ExecutionTimer() json_file_path = upload_common.create_paramfile(trans, uploaded_datasets) data_list = [ud.data for ud in uploaded_datasets] rval = upload_common.create_job(trans, incoming, tool, json_file_path, data_list, history=history) log.debug("Created upload job %s" % create_job_timer) return rval