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Source code for galaxy.jobs.runners.util.retry

import logging
from itertools import count
from time import sleep

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

DEFAULT_MAX_RETRIES = -1  # By default don't retry.
DEFAULT_CATCH = (Exception,)


[docs]class RetryActionExecutor(object):
[docs] def __init__(self, **kwds): # Use variables that match kombu to keep things consistent across # Pulsar. # http://ask.github.io/kombu/reference/kombu.connection.html#kombu.connection.BrokerConnection.ensure_connection raw_max_retries = kwds.get("max_retries", DEFAULT_MAX_RETRIES) self.max_retries = None if not raw_max_retries else int(raw_max_retries) self.interval_start = float(kwds.get("interval_start", DEFAULT_INTERVAL_START)) self.interval_step = float(kwds.get("interval_step", DEFAULT_INTERVAL_STEP)) self.interval_max = float(kwds.get("interval_max", DEFAULT_INTERVAL_MAX)) self.errback = kwds.get("errback", self.__default_errback) self.catch = kwds.get("catch", DEFAULT_CATCH) self.default_description = kwds.get("description", DEFAULT_DESCRIPTION)
[docs] def execute(self, action, description=None): def on_error(exc, intervals, retries, interval=0): interval = next(intervals) if self.errback: errback_args = [exc, interval] if description is not None: errback_args.append(description) self.errback(exc, interval, description) return interval return _retry_over_time( action, catch=self.catch, max_retries=self.max_retries, interval_start=self.interval_start, interval_step=self.interval_step, interval_max=self.interval_max, errback=on_error, )
def __default_errback(self, exc, interval, description=None): description = description or self.default_description log.info( "Failed to execute %s, retrying in %s seconds.", description, interval, exc_info=True )
# Following functions are derived from Kombu versions @ # https://github.com/celery/kombu/blob/master/kombu/utils/__init__.py # BSD License (https://github.com/celery/kombu/blob/master/LICENSE) def _retry_over_time(fun, catch, args=[], kwargs={}, errback=None, max_retries=None, interval_start=2, interval_step=2, interval_max=30): """Retry the function over and over until max retries is exceeded. For each retry we sleep a for a while before we try again, this interval is increased for every retry until the max seconds is reached. :param fun: The function to try :param catch: Exceptions to catch, can be either tuple or a single exception class. :keyword args: Positional arguments passed on to the function. :keyword kwargs: Keyword arguments passed on to the function. :keyword max_retries: Maximum number of retries before we give up. If this is not set, we will retry forever. :keyword interval_start: How long (in seconds) we start sleeping between retries. :keyword interval_step: By how much the interval is increased for each retry. :keyword interval_max: Maximum number of seconds to sleep between retries. """ retries = 0 interval_range = __fxrange(interval_start, interval_max + interval_start, interval_step, repeatlast=True) for retries in count(): try: return fun(*args, **kwargs) except catch as exc: if max_retries and retries >= max_retries: raise tts = float(errback(exc, interval_range, retries) if errback else next(interval_range)) if tts: sleep(tts) def __fxrange(start=1.0, stop=None, step=1.0, repeatlast=False): cur = start * 1.0 while 1: if not stop or cur <= stop: yield cur cur += step else: if not repeatlast: break yield cur - step