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Source code for galaxy.datatypes.dataproviders.chunk

Chunk (N number of bytes at M offset to a source's beginning) provider.

Primarily for file sources but usable by any iterator that has both
seek and read( N ).
import base64
import logging
import os

from . import (

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ChunkDataProvider(base.DataProvider): """ Data provider that yields chunks of data from its file. Note: this version does not account for lines and works with Binary datatypes. """ MAX_CHUNK_SIZE = 2 ** 16 DEFAULT_CHUNK_SIZE = MAX_CHUNK_SIZE settings = { 'chunk_index' : 'int', 'chunk_size' : 'int' } # TODO: subclass from LimitedOffsetDataProvider? # see web/framework/base.iterate_file, util/__init__.file_reader, and datatypes.tabular
[docs] def __init__(self, source, chunk_index=0, chunk_size=DEFAULT_CHUNK_SIZE, **kwargs): """ :param chunk_index: if a source can be divided into N number of `chunk_size` sections, this is the index of which section to return. :param chunk_size: how large are the desired chunks to return (gen. in bytes). """ super(ChunkDataProvider, self).__init__(source, **kwargs) self.chunk_size = int(chunk_size) self.chunk_pos = int(chunk_index) * self.chunk_size
[docs] def validate_source(self, source): """ Does the given source have both the methods `seek` and `read`? :raises InvalidDataProviderSource: if not. """ source = super(ChunkDataProvider, self).validate_source(source) if((not hasattr(source, 'seek')) or (not hasattr(source, 'read'))): raise exceptions.InvalidDataProviderSource(source) return source
def __iter__(self): # not reeeally an iterator per se self.__enter__() self.source.seek(self.chunk_pos, os.SEEK_SET) chunk = self.encode(self.source.read(self.chunk_size)) yield chunk self.__exit__()
[docs] def encode(self, chunk): """ Called on the chunk before returning. Overrride to modify, encode, or decode chunks. """ return chunk
[docs]class Base64ChunkDataProvider(ChunkDataProvider): """ Data provider that yields chunks of base64 encoded data from its file. """
[docs] def encode(self, chunk): """ Return chunks encoded in base 64. """ return base64.b64encode(chunk)