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Source code for galaxy_test.api.test_webhooks

from ._framework import ApiTestCase

[docs]class TestWebhooksApi(ApiTestCase):
[docs] def setUp(self): super().setUp()
[docs] def test_get_all(self): response = self._get("webhooks") self._assert_status_code_is(response, 200) webhook_objs = self._assert_are_webhooks(response) ids = self._get_webhook_ids(webhook_objs) for expected_id in [ "history_test1", "history_test2", "masthead_test", "phdcomics", "trans_object", "xkcd", "gtn", ]: assert expected_id in ids
[docs] def test_get_data(self): response = self._get("webhooks/trans_object/data") self._assert_status_code_is(response, 200) self._assert_has_keys(response.json(), "username")
def _assert_are_webhooks(self, response): response_list = response.json() assert isinstance(response_list, list) for obj in response_list: self._assert_is_webhook(obj) return response_list def _assert_is_webhook(self, obj): assert isinstance(obj, dict) self._assert_has_keys(obj, "id", "type", "activate", "weight", "script", "styles", "config") def _get_webhook_ids(self, webhook_objs): names = [w.get("id") for w in webhook_objs] return names