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Source code for galaxy.jobs.stock_rules

""" Stock job 'dynamic' rules for use in the job config file - these may cover some
simple use cases but will just proxy into functions in rule_helper so similar
functionality - but more tailored and composable can be utilized in custom

from galaxy import util

[docs]def choose_one(rule_helper, job, destination_ids, hash_by="job"): destination_id_list = util.listify(destination_ids) job_hash = rule_helper.job_hash(job, hash_by) return rule_helper.choose_one(destination_id_list, hash_value=job_hash)
[docs]def burst(rule_helper, job, from_destination_ids, to_destination_id, num_jobs, job_states=None): from_destination_ids = util.listify(from_destination_ids) if rule_helper.should_burst(from_destination_ids, num_jobs=num_jobs, job_states=job_states): return to_destination_id else: return from_destination_ids[0]
[docs]def docker_dispatch(rule_helper, tool, docker_destination_id, default_destination_id): return docker_destination_id if rule_helper.supports_docker(tool) else default_destination_id